Water treatment for ice stadium

- Improved ice quality and reduced energy consumption


Water treatment for ice stadium
Water treatment for ice stadium

It can be advantageous to use demineralised water for ice rinks. Demineralised water will ensure a high quality ice free of particles and bubbles. This will improve the overall ice quality and reduce the energy consumption.

High quality ice

  • Faster and harder ice will benefit hockey players, and provide better lap times for speed skaters.
  • A safer ice without cracks and holes. Skaters can focus more on their performance and gain more control. 
  • Crystal clear ice makes logos and lines under the ice easier to see.
  • Time required for producing new ice is reduced.
  • Less maintenance. 

Lower energy consumption

  • Demineralised water without salts and minerals will freeze at a higher temperature. This means lower energy consumption for the freezing process. 
  • A higher temperature of the ice surface will also mean a higher temperature in the ice stadium, which will give the audience better comfort and a lower energy consumption. Studies have shown that for each one degree increase in the ice temperature there is an approx. 6 % saving in cooling costs.  

Complete solution

EUROWATER can supply reverse osmosis units (RO units) that produce high quality demineralised water, without the use of any chemicals. In our standard product range we have RO units with flow rates up to 60 m3/h, ready for use when delivered.

Our solution is not only offering demineralised water for a better ice quality and lower energy consumption. Our solution also includes many years of experience with water treatment and knowlegde from well-known ice experts.

Compact RO unit ready for use

Compact RO unit ready for use 

Compact unit CU:RO used for producing demineralised water. The plant consist of a softening unit and a reverse osmosis unit, which both are built on the same frame of stainless steel - ready for use.

Water treatment for Olympic ice

The world`s fastest ice for Winter Games

EUROWATER has delivered a water treatment plant for the Asian Winter Games in Astana 2011, which created several new records in speed skating. An identical water treatment plant has been delivered and will be used for the 2014 Olympic Winter games in Sochi, Russia.

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