Glass industry

Water treatment for glass washing plants

Continuous development of new glass types and washing processes makes heavy demands on the water treatment. Dependent on the project, demands on the pH-value and the salt content of the washing water are made. Furthermore, mechanical impurities must be removed and the contents of germs and organic substances in the water must be kept as low as possible. 

Make-up water and water recovery

Demineralized make-up water can either be produced through ion exchange or through reverse osmosis. We adapt the solutions to your needs.

Given a large water consumption and high water taxes, it is advantageous to use equipment for reuse (recirculation) of rinse water.

Water treatment plant for recycling of rinse water consisting of a softening plant, a reverse osmosis plant, pressure filters, bag filters, and activated carbon filters.

Dependent on the project, the recirculation plant comprises a pressure filter for filter bag, a carbon filter, a gravel filter, and a UV-plant.

International experience

In close co-operation with both machine suppliers and manufacturers of insulating glass, EUROWATER has kept closely up with the development within glass manufacture. Especially through subsidiary companies in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Poland, the Czech Republich, and Slovakia, we have gained great experience with water for glass washing. We are prepared to meet any demand within the glass line of business.

Compact water treatment plant specially developed for the glass industry - fulfills the task of make-up water and rinse water recycling. PLC controlled.

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