Truelsbjerg Waterworks - Waterworks of the future

The waterworks in Truelsbjerg, Denmark has from the very beginning been developed as an innovative and visionary way of designing waterworks for the future. Aarhus Vand, one of the major water utility companies in Denmark, wanted the waterworks to meet the requirements of today as well as those 20 or 30 years from now in regards to both water quality, architecture and operation.

Some facts about the waterworks: 

  • Groundwater extraction permit for 2.3 million m3 per year from 8 wells
  • 40,000 consumers
  • 1,200 m3 energy neutral building

For the project, EUROWATER has delivered and installed the water treatment plant, but has been intimately involved in developing the entire system in collaboration with the entire consortium. Many new concepts are being used, such as: 

  • Intelligent prioritized operation according to both consumption, energy use and raw water composition.
  • Proportional oxygenation with pure oxygen from an onsite oxygen generator
  • Three stage backwash
  • Constant overpressure in the clean water tanks

Reference ID: 076400
Industry: Waterworks
Application: Drinking water


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Technical data

  • Water tanks 1000 m3 each
  • Flow rate each filter 400 m3/h

Units in plant

  • 6 closed pressure filters type TFB 135
  • 2 clean water tanks


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