Water treatment for PepsiCo dairy

Construction of the new food production facilities in the city of Vyshneve, close to Kiev, is one of PepsiCo’s largest investments in the Ukrainian dairy industry since the acquisition of Wimm-Bill-Dann. PepsiCo has converted an existing dairy in accordance with typical PepsiCo standards. EUROWATER has supplied the water treatment plant ensuring the highest possible standards. The project included the following parts:

  1. Modernization of the existing pre-treatment system of the inlet water in order to prevent clogging of the membranes. The filters can now be backwashed with air and water. Results: Better backwash efficiency of filter media, less backwash cycles, less water consumption, and better quality of filtered water.
  2. Three new RO-units, each with a flow rate of 35 m³/h, meaning high redundancy and reliable supply of demineralized water.
  3. Fully automatic CIP unit in order to perform regular cleaning of the membranes to remove precipitations caused by calcium salts or bio-fouling.
  4. Reuse of the existing UV disinfection system to ensure a consistently high water quality with no bacteriological activity.
  5. Central PLC control cabinet to monitor and control the complete water treatment plant – existing as well as new units. The central PLC control cabinet serves as the motor control centre and includes programmable controllers (SIEMENS S7), a touch screen operator interface, variable frequency converters and metering and includes communication through Profibus and GSM/SMS.
  6. Installation; instruments and pipes in stainless steel AISI 316.
  7. Start-up and commissioning.

Reference ID: 103000
Industry: Food industry
Application: Process water


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Technical data

  • Flow: 3 x 35 m³/h

Units in plant

  • Antiscalant dosing pumps 2 x DDC 9-7
  • Reverse osmosis units 3 x RO C3-30
  • Dosing of NaOH NaClO and sodium metabisulfit 7 x DDC 9-7
  • Fully automatic CIP unit
  • Central PLC control cabinet


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