Water treatment for glass washing machines

A large international flat glass manufacturer has installed an all-in-one, fully automated plug-and-play water treatment unit for different rinsing zones. In total the customer has 14 all-in-one units operating at different locations.With years of experience in water treatment for the glass industry, EUROWATER have designed a comprehensive standard solution consisting of:

  • Demineralised rinse water: Water is pre-treated in an ion exchange softening unit and then demineralised using chemical-free reverse osmosis. This process ensures no spots, dirt, or residue, greatly enhancing the adhesion of PVB film.
  • Water saving: An efficient recycling process reduces freshwater demand. Rinse water is reused/recirculated through a dual filter combining gravel and activated carbon, removing cutting fluid, residue, and particles like glass chips and contaminants.
  • Storage tank and booster pump: Make-up water and recycled water are collected in a storage tank. The treated water is then pumped to the rinsing zones by an integrated pump.
  • Automation: The process is fully automated with sensors and triggers ensuring smooth operation. The unit is prepared for integration with other control systems.

Reference ID: 048900
Industry: Glass industry
Application: Rinse water


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Technical data

  • Demineralized water: 350 l/h
  • Circulating water: 2400 l/h
  • Conductivity: 10-30 μS/cm

Units in plant

  • Softening unit type SM 41
  • Brine tank for salt tablets
  • Reverse osmosis unit type RO B1-1
  • Dual filter system type FNSA 40D
  • Booster pump unit type MQ 3-45
  • PLC control panel


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