Water treatment for Berlin airport

Berlin Brandenburg Airport is an international airport close to Berlin. The airport is part of a plan to keep up with required future passenger capacity in Berlin airport, which is the third largest airport in Germany. The new airport is a large expansion of the existing airport Berlin Schönefeld international.

SILHORKO-EUROWATER has delivered water treatment for the airport through E.DIS AG. The city-water is demineralized by two parallel reverse osmosis systems (RO). To avoid hardness precipitation antiscalant is added before RO.

Different water qualities are used as make-up water for the district heating network and the cooling towers. The circulation water of these networks is treated with chemicals and a partial flow is filtered. 

Reference ID: 054088
Industry: District heating
Application: Cooling water | District heating water


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Technical data

  • Flow demineralized water: 2 x 12 m³/h
  • Conductivity: <15 μS/cm
  • Flow softened water: 8 m³/h
  • Partial flow filtration cooling water: 120 m³/h
  • Partial flow filtration district cold water: 2 x 100 m³/h
  • Partial flow filtration district heating: 13 m³/h
  • Partial flow softening district heating: 13 m³/h

Units in plant

  • Antiscalant dosing
  • Reverse osmosis units 2 x RO C3-12
  • Softening unit type SMH602-F
  • Softening unit type SM42 (safety)
  • Bag filters
  • Control cabinet with PLC and HMI


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