Water savings in food production with RO-PLUS

A leading nutrition company has upgraded their 19 years old reverse osmosis unit with the water-saving solution RO-PLUS.  The modernization kit could be applied directly on the existing RO unit after analyzing that the water quality and operation met the requirements.  After installing the RO-PLUS module, water savings as high as 50 % were gained immediately. Consequently, salt consumption for regeneration of softeners dropped significantly as well.

Reference ID: 107643
Industry: Food industry
Application: Boiler water


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Technical data

  • Flow: 8000 l/h
  • Conductivity: < 10 μS/cm
  • Recovery: 86 %

Units in plant

  • Pressure filter NSB 130
  • Activated carbon filter ACF 1801 (dechlorination)
  • Automatic softener SMH 1202
  • On-line hardness measurement
  • Reverse osmosis unit RO-PLUS C3-9 + 2
  • Central electrical switchbox


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