Water for the steam turbines at Kyndby Power Plant

Kyndby Power Plant, which is owned by DONG Energy, is the emergency and peak load facility for all of Zealand. The power plant can be started up within minutes if operational irregularities occur in the high voltage electricity grid or problems arise at other power plants. Therefore, a reliable water treatment plant is crucial.

The content of CO2 in the water is reduced through two membrane degassers, and then the water is polished in a mixed-bed unit. The result is demineralised water with a low conductivity and very low silica content for use in the steam turbines. The entire plant is controlled by a PLC with touch screen and communication through Ethernet. To improve work safety, the regeneration rack is made in a double containment piping system, reducing the risk for chemical spill significantly.

Reference ID: 088700
Industry: Heat and power plants
Application: Boiler water | District heating water


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Technical data

  • Flow: 30 m³/h
  • Conductivity: < 0.7 µS/cm
  • Silica: < 0.02 mg/L

Units in plant

  • Mixed bed unit MBA 30
  • Membrane degassing units
  • Control cabinet with PLC
  • touch screen interface
  • Ethernet communication and web access


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