UV units as hygienic barrier in drinking water

In many countries the drinking water regulations require two independent hygienic barriers, such as UV disinfection systems. In Denmark, UV systems have often been used in places where you have - or have had - specific problems with microbial contamination. In the city of Odense, this has not been the case. The UV system is here of a purely preventive nature, set up on waterworks and in advanced locations in the pipeline network, a total of 11 sites. VandCenter Syd is one of Denmark's largest and oldest water utilities. The drinking water supply consists of six waterworks, nine pumping stations and two water towers. Each year, more than nine million cubic meters of clean drinking water is supplied to 171,000 consumers. SILHORKO-EUROWATER has supplied and installed all the UV plants and has entered into a long-term maintenance agreement. Key aspects:

  • The UV systems are of the type Spektron with low pressure lamps, automatic wiper system and control panel.
  • The manufacturer is German Wedeco, one of the world's leaders in UV systems.
  • SILHORKO-EUROWATER has collaborated with Wedeco since 1995 and has thus built up a great expertise with UV.
  • The plants comply with the following standards: DVGW, ÖNORM and USEPA UVDGM, the latter providing a certified reading of UV dose (mJ / cm²).
  • The UV lamps are ECORAY® low-pressure lamps that have low energy consumption and a 14,000 hours operating warranty.
  • The energy consumption is adapted to the current flow by means of Optidose intensity based control.
  • An automatic wiper system ensures cleaning of the quartz pipes.
  • Control panel with user-friendly touch screen.
  • Communication via Profibus DP.
  • SILHORKO-EUROWATER offers 24/7 service and carry all necessary parts for UV systems in stock.

Reference ID: 140330
Industry: Waterworks
Application: Drinking water


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Technical data

  • Flow: Up to 800 m³/h

Units in plant

  • 12 x Wedeco Spektron in different sizes installed at 11 sites.


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