UPCORE demineralization for boiler water treatment

SILHORKO-EUROWATER has delivered a plant for the treatment of boiler feed water a German steelwork. 

The plant consists of UPCORE demineralization units, a CO2 degasser, and mixed bed units for polishing the demineralized water. The water is demineralized by the patented water treatment principle of UPCORE, combining all the know advantages of demineralization through iron exchanges with the counter-flow principle.

The UPCORE principle ensures an efficient use of the regeneration chemicals, and the plant is self-cleaning, which keeps the pressure loss at a low level. 

Reference ID: 087935
Industry: Metal industry
Application: Boiler water


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Technical data

  • Flow: 15 m3/h
  • Conductivity: < 0.2 µS/cm
  • Silica < 20 ppb

Units in plant

  • UPCORE demineralization units 2 lines
  • Regeneration storage tank
  • CO2 degasser
  • Mixed Bed units MBA 1200 2 lines
  • Chemical transfer pumps and day tanks
  • Batch neutralization
  • Dosing pumps for chemical boiler water treatment
  • Control cabinet with PLC


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