Ultrapure water for 50 MW PEM electrolyzer

Ultrapure water is a key component for producing high quality hydrogen and maintain the function of the electrolyzer.

Silhorko-Eurowater has designed and manufactured the complete water treatment solution for the electrolyzer plant by Siemens Energy for the European Energy project in Denmark.

The Danish developer and operator of green energy projects is developing the world's first large-scale commercial e-Methanol production facility with the hydrogen being provided by a 50 mega-watt (MW) electrolyzer plant by Siemens Energy. The plant is being built in Kassø, located west of Aabenraa in the South of Denmark, near the German border. Through the nearby 300 MW solar park of Kassø, developed by European Energy, the project will have access to the low-cost renewable electricity needed to produce cost-effective e-Fuel.

Reference ID: 19747
Industry: Heat and power plants
Application: Hydrogen production


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Technical data

  • Water source: city water without chlorine
  • Flow rate: 10 m³/h
  • Conductivity: < 0.1 μS/cm

Units in plant

  • Antiscalant dosing
  • Reverse osmosis unit type RO C3-9
  • Reverse osmosis unit type RO-PLUS C3-12+3
  • Membrane degassing unit type MDU
  • Electrodeionization unit type EDI 2-5000e
  • Mixed-bed polisher type EUREX


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