Short delivery time of solution for high pressure steam boiler makeup water

For one of Nordic Sugar’s factories, EUROWATER has delivered a complete and reliable water treatment plant for producing very high quality boiler makeup water. There are two boilers both with an operating pressure of 64 bar and the steam will drive a turbine that supplies the factory with power. In addition, the water is mixed with an ammonia solution and is dosed into four boilers (2 x 16 bar and 2 x 64 bar) as a part of the DeNOx treatment.

A short delivery time of the plant was crucial. All the units in the plant have been selected from the EUROWATER modular standard system, which ensures complete documentation, short delivery time and proven and tested design with high operation reliability.

Each unit that is part of the plant has been produced in EUROWATER’s factory in Denmark and delivered directly to the site of installation. Before installation, an existing plant had to be disassembled. Both dissassembly and installation was carried out by EUROWATER’s own technician. After installation and commissioning, the solution has been very reliable and produces water in the right quality and in the right amount.

Reference ID: 106250
Industry: Food industry | Heat and power plants
Application: Boiler water | Process water


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Technical data

  • Flow: 4.5 m³/h continuous
  • Conductivity: < 0.1 µS/cm
  • Silica: < 0.02 mg/L

Units in plant

  • Pressure filter NSB 130
  • Aeration and control air system
  • Blower and rinse pump for backwash
  • Softening unit SMH 902 with brine tank
  • Testomat online hardness measurement
  • Reverse osmosis unit RO B2-16
  • EDI unit 1-5000e
  • Mixed bed unit EUREX 901 with resin trap
  • Central PLC control panel


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