Rinse water for surface treatment of aluminum spray cans

The customer, Ball Aerocan, is a global leading supplier of extruded aluminum aerosol spray cans.

It is very important for the product surface to be thoroughly cleaned of all dirt, oils, and contaminants before the surface coating process. The pretreatment system performs cleaning, rinsing and preparation of the product surface. For the pretreatment process, demineralized rinse water with low conductivity has been required. 

SILHORKO-EUROWATER has designed, produced, supplied and installed the water treatment technology. The make-up water treatment part includes filter with activated carbon, duplex softener, and reverse osmosis unit. Recycling of rinse water includes gravel filters, demineralization unit, dosing pumps, and UV disinfection unit.

Reference ID: 121463
Industry: Metal industry | Surface treatment industry
Application: Rinse water


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Technical data

  • Flow make-up water: 1 m3/h
  • Conductivity: < 20 µS/cm
  • Flow recirculation water: 5 m3/h
  • Conductivity: < 15 µS/cm

Units in plant

  • Activated carbon filter ACM 361
  • Pressure filter FNSA 80
  • Softening unit SM 62
  • Reverse osmosis unit B1-4
  • Demineralization unit DMHE 901/1201
  • UV disinfection unit
  • Dosing pump DDA 7-16


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