Redundant reverse osmosis for the production of beer

Two redundant reverse osmosis units are producing each 30 m³/h for the production of beer. An automatic mixing bypass after the RO-units makes sure the perfect amount of hardness is reached in the produced water. The two reverse osmosis units are of type RO-PLUS. The goal is to reach highest possible recovery compromising neither the reliability nor the water quality.

An activated carbon filter is in front of the reverse osmosis units to protect the membranes from oxidation by free chlorine.

Reference ID: 105050
Industry: Breweries
Application: Brewing water | Ingredient water


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Technical data

  • Flow: 2 x 30 m³/h
  • Demineralized water: <30 µS/cm
  • Recovery reverse osmosis: 83-85%

Units in plant

  • Activated carbon filter type ACTFB 60
  • Antiscalant dosing
  • Reverse osmosis units 2 x RO-PLUS C3-24+6
  • Control cabinet with Siemens PLC and touchpanel


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