Process water for production of soft drinks

EUROWATER designed, manufactured, delivered and installed a water treatment plant for demineralization of water with controlled mixing to obtain requested M-alkalinity value in treated outlet stream. The produced water is used directly for production of soft drinks. The RO units are equipped with high pressure pumps with frequency controlled motors for providing an optimal and economical operation. Also, they are equipped with a number of measuring devices for monitoring various operational states and parameters, i.e., free chlorine, alkalinity through conductivity calibration and flow.

Reference ID: 093796
Industry: Beverage industry
Application: Ingredient water | Process water


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Technical data

  • Flow of treated water: 2 × 30 m3/h
  • M-alkalinity: 35-45 mg/l as CaCO3
  • Total hardness: 16 °dH
  • M-alkalinity: 14 °dH
  • Conductivity: approx. 500 μS/cm

Units in plant

  • ORP analyzer running under SE30 control panel
  • Metering unit for antiscalant with 2 dosing pumps DDA
  • Mechanical filters before RO 2 x EF5
  • Reverse osmosis unit 2 x RO C3-21 with SE30 control panel
  • 2 × mixing system with SE30 control panel
  • CIP unit
  • Central electrical switchbox


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