Natural mineral water in recyclable PET bottles

Danish Bottling Company produces and distributes water and soft drinks to leading retail chains, as well as soft drinks and energy drinks to a larger dealer network in Denmark. Danish Bottling Company also exports Nornir® natural mineral water to China.                                                                  

In 2007, the Danish Bottling Company moved production to Brande and gained access to its own spring of natural mineral water - The spring is today known as Nornir®. The water from this spring is classified as soft water with a low content of Sodium and Chloride. Having its own drilling, relieved a need for filtration of raw water for the removal of iron and manganese. At that time Silhorko-Eurowater delivered 2 x automatic TFB 14 pressure filters. Demand for natural mineral water in recyclable PET bottles has subsequently increased and thus, the need for water treatment has also increased. This has led to the delivery of another production line consisting of 2 x automatic TFB 14 pressure filters for production in Brande.

The solution today consists of 4 x TFB 14 pressure filters with an output of 2 x 14 m³/h set up as pre- and post-filter. The pipe system is made of stainless steel and equipped with individual valves. Both filter lines are also connected to a new control panel.

Reference ID: 147143
Industry: Beverage industry
Application: Drinking water


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Technical data

  • Flow: 2 x 14 m3/h

Units in plant

  • Pressure filters 4 x TFB 14
  • Equipment for oxidation
  • Equipment for backwash
  • Control panel with alarm


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