Modernisation of softener for brew water

EUROWATER has designed and retrofitted worn out regeneration system for operation of softeners into a modern automated one with high level of operational reliability. This is ensured by pneumatic activators of membrane valves system resulting in significant running cost savings. 

Retrofit of older softeners was performed due to their age and insufficient service support. Local regeneration facility was substituted with two central pneumatically controlled systems. Technology was also equipped with several measurement components to provide clever automatic control or remote control directly from plant control room. After retrofit of regeneration system, cheaper industrial salt instead of salt pellets can be used to prepare brine for regeneration of softeners.

Reference ID: 093598
Industry: Breweries
Application: Brewing water | Ingredient water | Process water


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Technical data

  • Soft water flow: 150 m3/h
  • Total hardness: < 0.1 °dH
  • Total hardness: 16 °dH

Units in plant

  • Regeneration system STFA
  • Brinemaker BM 2000
  • Control panel SE20


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