Make-up water for cooling tower

The water treatment solution provides 19 m³/h of make-up water for a cooling tower system at the company Messer Industriegase in the city of Speyer, Germany. Messer Industriegase is the largest privately held industrial gas business in the world.

Maintaining good water quality is essential to prevent scaling, corrosion, and biological fouling within the cooling tower. Utilizing demineralized water for cooling also reduce the frequency of blowdown significantly which lower the consumption of both water and energy. In this case, the required water quality is achieved by blending two water streams: partly filtered water and partly demineralized water.

The Messer Industriegase facility has its own private water supply from groundwater. First treatment step is iron removal in a EUROWATER pressure filter. In case of insufficient supply from own source, the facility gets pretreated drinking water quality from the local waterworks.

The drinking water is stored in a 14 m³ clean water tank. Hereafter the water is demineralized in a EUROWATER reverse osmosis unit with a capacity of 15 m³/h.

Reference ID: 184936
Industry: Chemical industry
Application: Cooling water


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Technical data

  • 19 m³/h make-up water: a blend of 4 m³/h filtrated water and 15 m³/h of demineralised water with a conductivity <20 µS/cm

Units in plant

  • Pressure filter type TFB 40 with SE20 control panel
  • Equipment for aeration and backwash
  • 14 m³ clean water tank
  • Pressure boosting system type Hydro Multi-E with 3 x CRIE 10-4
  • Antiscalant dosing type DDA 7.5-16
  • Reverse osmosis unit type RO C3-12 SE30 with CRNE pump
  • Switch cabinet


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