Long life softener for heating plant

Softening units are a long-time investment and EUROWATER uses the best materials available. That is why the existing water softener at a Danish heating plant was still running after 20 years. It was only due to a major renovation that it was decided to replace the existing plant with a newer model. According to the operator, it easily could have run for a few more years.

EUROWATER has delivered and installed the new volume-controlled water softener and new pressure tank. Softening prevents calcium deposits in piping, steam boilers, and heat exchangers.

The advantage of a volume-controlled unit is that it fully utilizes its capacity. It can be a good and economical solution for an irregular water consumption since the number of regenerations is adapted to the pattern of consumption.

The new water softener produces 2.500 m3 softened water per year, which is heated and through a pressure tank sent to the consumers.

Reference ID: 078058
Industry: Heat and power plants
Application: Boiler water | District heating water


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Technical data

  • Flow: 2500 m³/year

Units in plant

  • Softening unit SMH 362 with SE20 control panel
  • Pressure tank
  • Storage tanks


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