Iron removal plant for mink farm

Availability of a continuous supply of clean and safe drinking water is important for ensuring good growth conditions and high fur quality of the animals at the mink farm in the central part of Ukraine.
Raw water is well water and contains high level of iron. Based on water analysis and customer requirements for working conditions, EUROWATER has designed, manufactured, and installed a complete water treatment plant for iron removal.
The unique design of the EUROWATER pressure filters ensures a reliable and trouble-free operation.

Reference ID: 093069
Industry: Agriculture and horticulture
Application: Drinking water


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Technical data

  • Flow: 20 m³/h

Units in plant

  • Pressure filters 2 x NSB 200 parallel with SE20 control panel
  • Compressor
  • oil free
  • Aeration and control air system
  • Blower for backwash
  • Rinse pump for backwash
  • UV disinfection units 2 x Wedeco
  • Aquada 10


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