Iron removal plant for beer production

Many productions face problems caused by iron precipitations in pipes, tanks, boilers and other equipment. Usually it happens when water source is underground well and iron is not removed. As a result, many efforts are made to remove and clean all surfaces where iron settles.

Apart from the technical problems, when it comes to food and beverage where water is used as a part of a final product, it is very important not to have iron in the product water due to issues which can interfere technological processes and the final product quality.

One of the oldest breweries in Ukraine “Berdichev Brewery” improved their production by installing a new iron removal plant from SILHORKO-EUROWATER based on environmentally friendly non-chemical solution.

Here iron is removed from water just by aeration with air and filtration by natural materials inside TFB pressure filters.

Reference ID: 140408
Industry: Beverage industry | Breweries
Application: Brewing water | Drinking water | Process water


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Technical data

  • Flow: 35 m³/h
  • Iron raw water: 2.8 mg/L
  • Iron treated water: < 0.05 mg/L

Units in plant

  • Pressure filters 2 x TFB17 PPA coated 1600 mm cylinder height
  • Aeration system
  • Backwash unit with pump and blower


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