Flexible solution with double pass RO for surface treatment

Design, manufacturing, supply and installation of water treatment solution for a surface treatment plant. The customer is a sub-supplier for the commercial vehicle industry.

The reverse osmosis unit is normally operated as double pass. If a larger quantity of treated water is needed, the unit can be operated in parallel mode as two single pass units.

Reference ID: 094333
Industry: Surface treatment industry
Application: Rinse water


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Technical data

  • Flow: 3 m³/h for fresh water
  • Flow: 3 m³/h for recirculation

Units in plant

  • Raw water pump
  • Activated carbon filter ACH 1801 with SE10 control panel
  • Softening unit SMH 902
  • Double-pass reverse osmosis unit DPRO B2-12/10 with SE30 control panel
  • Pressure filter FNSA 40 with SE20 control panel
  • Demineralization unit DME 361/601 with SE30 control panel


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