Drinking water purification at waterworks

The local waterworks in the city of Liseleje has been completely renovated. SILHORKO-EUROWATER has been responsible for the supply of water treatment plant, as well as the design and supervision of the entire project. The chair of the waterworks says about the project: “We have got one of the most modern waterworks in Denmark. We are proud that we chose SILHORKO-EUROWATER because they are unique in quality, which was an important criterion for us. We have had challenges with the project, but we have solved them along the way with good cooperation.”

The waterworks was founded in 1935. The water supply comprises approx. 1,500 consumers, most of whom are holiday homes, and this gives great variations in the amount of water required; In the summer there is a great deal of water consumption, and in winter the water consumption is minimal. The new water treatment plant is optimized for both operating conditions.

The solution is built with two treatment lines consisting of oxidation system, two pressure filters and a clean water tank. During the summer, when there is a great need for water, the pressure filters work individually. In the winter, when the water consumption is minimal, the pressure filters work as a pre- and after-filter.
The clean drinking water is collected in two clean water containers in stainless steel, before being pumped out to the consumers.

Reference ID: 129600
Industry: Waterworks
Application: Drinking water


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Technical data

  • Flow: pressure filters: 5-70 m³/h
  • Flow: distributions system (max.): 70 m³/h

Units in plant

  • Pressure filters 4 x TFB 17
  • Equipment for aeration and backwash
  • Clean water tanks in stainless steel 2 x 55 m³
  • Distribution system with Grundfos pumps


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