Denmark’s largest and most modern UV disinfection system for drinking water

EUROWATER has supplied a large UV disinfection system to a municipal water utility close to Copenhagen. The water utility annually produces approximately 7 million m³ of water and supplies approximately 200,000 consumers with pure drinking water. The UV treatment is an extra security against microbiological contamination of the drinking water. The risk is very small, but the consequences are quite large since the waterworks serves a very large number of consumers.

High security of drinking water is crucial. The water utility monitors the water quality closely and is certified in accordance with the standard of food safety (ISO 22000). The UV system is validated according to US EPA UVDGM and certified for drinking water use. The volume of UV light (the UV dosage) is decisive for the treatment effect and is monitored and adjusted in accordance with the current flow and transmittance of the water.

Reference ID: 074900
Industry: Waterworks
Application: Drinking water


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Technical data

  • Flow: 5 x 500 m³/h

Units in plant

  • UV disinfection units 5 x Wedeco BX 1800 (low-pressure lamps)
  • Continuous monitoring and adjustment of UV dosage with Vario dose control


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