Demineralization with UPCORE technology

SILHORKO-EUROWATER has supplied a new water treatment plant for a company, that mines and produces zinc. 

The plant consists of a raw water tank, two UPCORE units and two regeneration tanks. The boiler feed water is demineralized by the patented water treatment principle of UPCORE, combining all the known advantages of demineralization through ion exchange with the counter-flow principle. The UPCORE principle ensures an efficient use of the regeneration chemicals. The plant is self-cleaning, which reduces its pressure loss.

A special feature on this plant is that the pipe system is constructed in IR-welded PP-H, where all welds are documented, both with a tag on the welding and a welding report. Another special feature is that the regeneration is done with sulfuric acid (H2SO4) and not hydrochloric (HCI) as normally used to regenerate demineralization units. The advantages of sulfuric acid is that it does not cause any problems with chlorides in the waste water, but it does generate a lot of heat, so a special flow transmitter and an ejector device in heat resistant PVDF are installed on the acid side of the unit.

Reference ID: 099566
Industry: Metal industry
Application: Boiler water


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Technical data

  • Flow: 2 x 37 m3/h
  • Conductivity: < 2 µS/cm

Units in plant

  • Raw water tank
  • Demineralizers UPCORE
  • Regeneration tanks


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