Architect-designed waterworks

In the countryside just outside Aarhus, Denmark you will find this elegant, architect-designed waterworks with two separate filter lines sharing backwash equipment. The waterworks has been stylishly designed, but great care has been taken to ensure user friendly access to the technical installation for the sake of service and trouble-free operation.
EUROWATER has designed, delivered and installed the technical installation, namely filters, piping, pumps, compressors and automatic valve system.
In addition to the technical installations the second floor has a meeting room with large windows overlooking the filter room. It also has an office, bathroom, kitchen and a second, smaller meeting room. On the first floor there is an open garage and stock room. The filter room is placed directly on top of the clean water tank.

Reference ID: 076399
Industry: Waterworks
Application: Drinking water


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Technical data

  • Flow: 2 x 30 m³/h
  • Iron: <0.1 mg Fe/L
  • Ammonium: <0.05 mg NH4/L
  • Manganese: <0.02 mg Mn/L

Units in plant

  • Pressure filters 4 x type TFB30
  • Aeration and backwash equipment
  • Piping in stainless steel
  • Central PLC control cabinet with SCADA system and touch screen interface


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