40 feet container-mounted reverse osmosis unit

Two reverse osmosis units are producing each 25 m³/h. All units as well as electrical cabinets are built up redundant inside a 40 feet container.

The main flow goes to a chemical company where water is being used for process applications. A second flow of demineralized water goes through a duplex softener to take away the residual hardness before it is fed to the boilers. A third stream goes to an EDI unit to produce ultra-pure water for high pressure boiler application.

The container solution is complete with all internal piping and wiring factory-built. The whole plant has been performance and pressure tested in our factory. The containers are delivered with insulation and equipped with lighting, air-conditioning, side door, emergency shower, etc.

Reference ID: 066018
Industry: Chemical industry | Heat and power plants
Application: Boiler water | Mobile water treatment | Process water


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Technical data

  • Flow reverse osmosis units: 2 x 25 m³/h
  • Recovery reverse osmosis: 80%
  • Demineralized water: < 10 µS/cm
  • Flow EDI: 2 m³/h
  • Ultra pure water: < 0.2 µS/cm

Units in plant

  • Reverse osmosis units 2 x C3-24
  • Duplex softening unit SMH902
  • Membrane degassing unit
  • EDI unit 1-2000i
  • Polishing Mixed bed EUREX 1201-F
  • Semi automatic CIP unit with heating


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