From groundwater to the water you need

Published: November 8, 2021 | Contact

In Denmark close to 100 % of the drinking water supply is groundwater-based. For more than 85 years EUROWATER has purified groundwater by using only natural processes such as oxidation and filtration removing iron, manganese, ammonium to ensured high quality water.

EUROWATER solutions start with groundwater but deliver a wide range of water qualities to meet your requirements. A new extensive whitepaper from State of Green Denmark features the potential of groundwater-based water supply - a sustainable source of high quality water.  

A nature-based filtration

Pressure filters are used for filtration of groundwater. EUROWATER pressure filters are designed to use only natural processes. Inside the pressure filter the raw water is oxidized with atmospheric air to aid the filtration process through sufficient filter media - individually designed for the project. The process simulates the natural filtration where groundwater passes through porous layers of soil into aquifers.

Turn-key water supply solution

BIAGR dairy in Ukraine uses a groundwater-based water supply for producing both drinking and demineralized water in a single site. The treatment was designed through a community-driven process, where, in addition to meeting the water demand of drinking and demineralized water for the dairy, drinking water is also supplied to the local kindergarten and village centre.

Download whitepaper

We are proud to contribute to the new extensive whitepaper from State of Green Denmark on the topic "Groundwater-based water supply". The whitepaper elaborate on the potential for groundwater to aid in securing water supply amidst population increases and climate change.