Smaller waterworks

Many farms, houses, and companies are situated in places which make connection to a bigger, communal waterworks unsuitable. We can establish a non-public water supply plant based on ground water which can supply one or more properties.

Widespread inconveniences

Does your washing get red, are there rims in washbasins and zinks and a bad taste of the water and cloudiness in the water? Then, there is most likely a too high amount of iron in the water. If the washing is yellowish or if there are black precipitations in the water, manganese is often the cause of the problem. The drinking water can also contain great amounts of aggressive carbon dioxide which corodes pipes and installations. 

The solution

The solution is simple and we have many years' experience with it; a closed pressure filter which removes iron, manganese, ammonium, neutralizes aggressive carbon dioxide, and filters mechanical impurities. The solution is ideal for consumers outside of the public supply network and other smaller water supplies, e.g. households, smaller, common waterworks, farms, and market gardens. The pressure filter typically consists of a filter tank with valve system, pressure gauge, and test cock.

Manual or automatic pressure filter

EUROWATER produces two types of pressure filters, a manual type NS and an automatic type NSB.

The NS is particularly suitable for small and middle-sized drinking water supplies which wish to make manual rinsings. The filter typically needs rinsing 1-2 times a week.

The automatic pressure filter, NSB, is used in larger water supplies or if one does not want to make manual backwashes. The control panel makes it easy to program when the filter rinses. If the water consumption increases or if the character of the raw water changes, it is easy to re-program the panel so that it adapts to the new conditions.

You can read more about our pressure filters which have flow rates of up to 100 m³/h per pressure filter under Read more.

Manual pressure filter, NS, and automatic pressure filter, NSB.

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