From consultancy to complete solutions

EUROWATER offers consultancy, water analysis, non-committal quotations, and sketch proposals, design, installation, and start-up, training of operating crew, and after sales service, including preventive service checks and actual service agreements. In short: We offer everything from consultancy to complete solutions.  

Within the field of water supply in Denmark, we also offer preparation of tenders, invitation to submit tenders, supervision, the carrying through of the project, and the handing over to the contractor.    

Our competencies cover a wide field; We can deliver the entire solution or parts of it. It is possible to work together with us throughout the whole process from the first drawing to the subsequent service or, for instance, only in connection with delivery of single plants or spare parts.


80 years' experience

EUROWATER has more than 80 years' experience in developing long-life water treatment plants with high reliability of operation and only little need of maintenance - adapted to your needs. Our secret is the choice of material, technical know-how, and tested, Danish design.

From groundwater to pure water

Our focus is shown simplified in the illustration below showing the development of the water from ground water to pure water. Between the different water qualities are several water treatment stages which are synonomous with EUROWATER's competencies.

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