DI circulation system for pre-treatment of aluminium cans

Increasing operational safety and saving water was pivotal for this global supplier of aluminium cans, when a second water treatment plant was added to the production.

The water treatment solution consists of mechanical filtration, in which undissolved impurities are removed from the circulating rinse water. The water is then desalinated with a DI system consisting of a cation and an anion filter supplied by a pressure-controlled pumping station (2 x 100%).

The DI system is operating in triplex mode, with two units in operation and the third in regeneration or standby. This ensures no operational downtime. Because of the increased water temperature, the entire system is designed with PP piping.

The second water treatment plant initially serves as redundancy, but over time it could take over the full capacity.

Reference ID: 171447
Industry: Metallindustrien | Overflatebehandlingsindustrien
Application: Skyllevann


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Technical data

  • Flow rate: ca. 12 m³/h
  • Conductivity: <20 µS/cm

Units in plant

  • Frequency controlled pump station Grundfos CRNE 15-3
  • Gravel filters type FNSA 130
  • Demineralization units type DMP 901/1201-F TRIPLEX
  • Day tanks for regeneration chemicals
  • PLC control


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