Ingredient water for ice cream production

Rud is the leading ice cream company in Ukraine, and their products are exported to a lot of European countries. The company strives for a continuous environmental improvement in the production, in which utilization of the water is an important part.

Rud needed water treatment for product water for the ice cream production as well as water for rinsing and push-out. Raw water is city water, initial source is river. The plant consists of two pressure filters with gravel for mechanical filtration, two nanofiltration units, a CIP unit and a PLC control cabinet.

Číslo reference: 129700
Industry: Potravinářský průmysl
Application: Přísadová voda


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Technická data

  • Flow: 2 x 25 m3/h

Jednotky v zařízení

  • Pressure filters 2 x TFB 25
  • Backwash station with blower and rinse pump
  • Antiscalant dosing
  • Metabisulfite dosing
  • Nanofiltration units 2 x NF C3-24
  • CIP unit for NF
  • PLC control cabinet


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