Pharmaceutical double pass RO for dialysis application

Demineralized water is being produced with a double pass reverse osmosis unit to ensure an end conductivity of less than 5 µS/cm. This pure water is being used to prepare the dialysate needed for hemodialysis. The demineralized water needs to be of a high purity, not only chemically, but also biologically.The high quality is guaranteed by this high purity water treatment plant with a hot water sanitizable solution. The RO system is hot water sanitizable up to 80°C ensuring high quality without using chemicals.

Reference ID: 002676
Industry: Hôpitaux
Application: Eau de process


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Technical data

  • Flow: 3 m³/h
  • Conductivity: < 5 µS/cm.

Units in plant

  • Activated carbon filter
  • FNSA1202
  • Duplex softening unit SMH902-F
  • Bag filters
  • 2 x EF2-F
  • Double pass reverse osmosis unit
  • DPRO B2-12/10
  • Control cabinet with Siemens PLC and touchpanel


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