Water treatment plant for a newspaper printing company

In a printing house in Bratislava, SILHORKO-EUROWATER has installed a central water treatment plant to satisfy different needs for treated water. The advantages are savings in investment and operational expenses.
The installed technology provides water treatment for three different applications:

  • Printing process where there are specific requirements for the total hardness and totally dissolved salt content in the water.
  • Humidification and air conditioning of environment in printing hall.
  • Make-up water of closed loop cooling system.

Referentie ID: 056948
Industry: Grafische industrie |
Application: Koelwater | Proceswater | Water voor bevochtiging |


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Technische gegevens

  • Demineralization: 3 m³/h
  • Softening: 6 m³/h
  • Total hardness: < 8 °dH
  • Chlorides: <15 mg/l
  • Sulphates: <20 mg/l

Toestellen in opstelling

  • Activated carbon filter ACH 901 with SE10 control panel
  • Softener SMH 602
  • Mechanical filtration
  • 3 x BigBlue 20“
  • Reverse osmosis unit B2-10 with SE30 control panel
  • PP accumulation tank of 3 m3 + pump station
  • Mixing system with SE30 control panel
  • Dosing pumps for closed loop cooling water chemical treatment


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