Recycling of backwash water for fine sand bed at waterworks

The anticipation of increased drainage fees prompted the private waterworks to investigate a more economical solution than flushing their rinse water directly to the drain. The waterworks produces 60 m3 of potable water per hour which requires a large amount of water for backwash. An operational calculation revealed that installing a separate pressure filter plant for cleaning the backwash water from the sedimentation tank would be profitable in just a few years time.
All of the rinse water is reused and consequently the waterworks does not pay any drainage fee at all. It is only necessary to have the sedimentation tank emptied once or twice a year. Furthermore, the plant is a closed circuit which has lowered the raw water consumption.
The UV disinfection plant is installed as additional security against contamination and bacteriological growth in the sedimentation tank.

Referentie ID: 064290
Industry: Waterwerken |
Application: Drinkwater |


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Technische gegevens

  • Flow (primary and secondary filter): 10 m³/h

Toestellen in opstelling

  • pressure filters TFB 30
  • UV disinfection unit A41


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