UPCORE demineralization plant for boiler house and gelatine production

A gelatine manufacturer, belonging to the Weishardt Group, has replaced their water treatment in the boiler house with a water treatment plant from SILHORKO-EUROWATER. Gelatine production requires pure demineralized water and steam of food quality. This is possible with the UPCORE system, combining all the known advantages of water demineralization through ion exchange with the counter-flow principle.

Replacement of water treatment plant was done without closing down the production. This was possible applying a containerized water treatment plant rented from SILHORKO-EUROWATER. 

Referentie ID: 119837
Industry: Eten & Drinken industrie
Application: Ketelwater | Proceswater


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Technische gegevens

  • Flow: 15 m³/h
  • Conductivity: < 5 μS/cm

Installatie bestaat uit

  • Cartridge filter 2 x AF 5x30
  • Demineralization unit UPCORE duplex
  • CO2 degasser
  • Daily tanks for regeneration chemicals (HCl NaOH)
  • Local PLC Control panels SE30C
  • Central electrical switchbox


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