Flue gas condensate treatment at biomass fired CHP plant

The flue gas condensate from a power plant in Sweden is treated by water treatment technologies from EUROWATER. The produced flue gas condensate is waste water that is contaminated with heavy metals and organic pollutants. Several treatment steps are required in order to release the purified water to recipient.

The water treatment plant is designed for a maximum flow of 34 m³/h. It consists of two parallel sand filters for removal of suspended solids. Hereafter, two parallel activated carbon filters reduce dioxins and other organic pollutants. Heavy metals removal consists of two steps. First step is two parallel mercury (Hg) selective ion-exchangers. Second step include selective ion-exchangers for other heavy metals. Finally, a polishing filter with arsenic removal filling.

Referentie ID: 097100
Industry: Energiecentrales
Application: Rookgascondensaatbehandeling


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Technische gegevens

  • Flow: 34 m³/h
  • Cadmium (Cd): < 0.02 µg/L
  • Chromium (Cr): < 0.5 µg/L
  • Mercury (Hg): < 0.1 µg/L
  • Nickel (Ni): < 0.5 µg/L
  • Zinc: < 0.3 µg/L

Installatie bestaat uit

  • Pressure filters 2 x TFB 20 to remove suspended solids
  • Activated carbon filters 2 x ACTFB 20
  • Bagfilters 3 x EF5
  • Ion exchange filters 2 x STFA 20 for removal of mercury
  • Ion exchange filters 2 x STFA 20 for removal of heavy metals
  • Pressure filter TF 20 for arsenic removal


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