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EUROWATER references:

Here you will find a broad selection of EUROWATER projects and plants along with with plenty of pictures and descriptions.

Become inspired both in terms of form, function and the environment in which the plants operate.

If you want to know more or have questions, please contact your local EUROWATER sales and service office.

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  • ID: 139900

    Eco-friendly water treatment for district heating

    Aars District Heating plant has upgraded their water treatment plant so that the water quality is without salts and oxygen. In other words, optimum corrosion prevention for the distribution network as well as the technical installations. The membrane unit for reducing the water's salt content is optimized with respect to water utilization. A unit o...
  • ID: 121767

    DI water for rinse zones in surface pre-treatment of alloy wheels

    The alloy wheels produced by a large European manufacturer are distinguished by their superior optics, stability and long lifetimes. Being able to meet the high standards of automotive manufacturers an ultra-modern surface treatment technology is of outmost importance. Here, proper water treatment plays a main role ...

  • ID: 124646

    High purity water for biotech company Glycom

    The customer is Glycom, a privately held research-based biotech company focused on human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs). The water is used as a processing aid and for cleaning operations in the HMO process. In each case, the purity of the water is very important for obtaining a good performance.

  • ID: 118787

    Complete production plant for purified water

    At the firm of Fertin Pharma, SILHORKO-EUROWATER has supplied, installed and commissioned a water treatment plant for purified water production used for cleaning purposes and for manufacturing of medicated chewing gum.

  • ID: 114300

    Water saving water treatment plant for boiler house

    Design, manufacturing, supply and installation of water treatment plant for boiler feed water. The customer is a well-known company in the plastic industry.

  • ID: 096414

    Turnkey solution for softened and demineralized water for hospital

    EUROWATER has designed and supplied a complete frame mounted plant for the New University Hospital in Aarhus (DNU), Denmark. Supplied as a turnkey solution, EUROWATER had complete responsibility for delivery, installation, instrumentation, piping, control, and documentation. The pre-installation means that all internal piping and wiring have been ...
  • ID: 105900

    High efficiency production of makeup water for Aalborg district heating

    EUROWATER has designed and supplied a new plant for producing makeup water for the district heating grid in Aalborg, Denmark. The plant is a vital part of Aalborg district heating's maintenance plan, allowing the main makeup production facility at another location to be shut down on a regular basis for maintenance. The plant consists of an UPCORE d...
  • ID: 104900

    Water and energy saving upgrade for existing RO plant at voestalpine Polynorm B.V.

    One of Western Europe's major supplier of automotive body and structural parts, voestalpine Polynorm B.V., has upgraded their existing water treatment plant. Due to increased production capacity, increased supply of demineralized water for the rinsing basins was needed. In addition, it was required that the upgrade had to respect strict space const...
  • ID: 106000

    Water saving in Arla Dairy

    New water saving technology from EUROWATER has reduced water waste by more than 75% to the benefit of both the dairy's competitiveness and the environment. When the Danish Arla dairy needed to change and modernize their existing water treatment plant, sustainable dairy production played a major role. Therefore water savings was in high focus, and ...
  • ID: 107643

    Water savings in food production with RO-PLUS

    A leading nutrition company has upgraded their 19 years old reverse osmosis unit with the water-saving solution RO-PLUS.

  • ID: 105050

    Redundant reverse osmosis for the production of beer

    Two redundant reverse osmosis units are producing each 30 m³/h for the production of beer. An automatic mixing bypass over the reverse osmosis makes sure the perfect amount of hardness is reached in the produced water.

  • ID: 090000

    Water and energy efficient water treatment for large hospital

    This hospital has gained considerable savings due to a reduced water, salt and energy consumption. Compared to the previous installation they save more than 10.000 m³ water per year. The hospital requires a reliable and robust water treatment and it has been important to exploit new and energy efficient technologies in order to minimize the consump...
  • ID: 083083

    50 m³/h continuous supply of ultrapure water for chemical production

    Induss IV: This project is a fully remote controlled water treatment plant that delivers 50 m³/h of ultrapure water, mainly for ingredient water in the production of chemicals but also partly as boiler feed water. The water is treated with RO followed by an EDI polishing and stored in a 2000 m³ buffer tank to compensate for variation in usage durin...
  • ID: 068500

    Demineralized water for brewery at low water and energy consumption

    In order to minimize water and energy consumption, Harboes breweries have thoroughly upgraded their water treatment plant. EUROWATER has supplied, installed and commissioned a series of reverse osmosis units – the RO-PLUS. This series is interesting because it is designed for a recovery of up to 90 % compromising neither reliability nor water quali...
  • ID: 070704

    Compact RO plant with high recovery and low energy consumption

    After having bought their steam from a neighboring company for a number of years, the customer was looking to start its own steam production instead. In collaboration with the boiler manufacturer it was determined that the customer needed up to 20 m³ of high quality treated water per hour with a conductivity less than 20 µS/cm.Due to the increasing...
  • ID: 063498

    Double pass RO for Boiler Feed Water

    The unit RO-plus has a total recovery of 90% and is designed so that the mode of operation can easily be changed from double pass to two single pass.

  • ID: 006300

    Make-up water for heat and power plant

    The combined heat and power plant in Randers has replaced their existing water treatment plant with new and modern equipment. Make-up water of best quality is produced, which ensures electricity and heating to competitive prices.