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EUROWATER references:

Here you will find a broad selection of EUROWATER projects and plants along with with plenty of pictures and descriptions.

Become inspired both in terms of form, function and the environment in which the plants operate.

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  • ID: 127350

    DI water for chromium-free pre-treatment

    The pretreatment system performs cleaning, rinsing and preparation of the product surface. The purpose of the pretreatment system prior to powder coating is to ensure corrosion protection, optimal adhesion to the subsequent coatings, electrical insulation and minimize surface friction and abrasion. The rinse water is demineralized water, recirculat...
  • ID: 129778

    DI water for pre-treatment of light alloy wheels

    The customer is a large European manufacturer of high-quality light alloy wheels. In order to fulfil the highest standards, proper pre-treatment plays a critical role. Each of three independent lines consists of gravel filter and two parallel demineralizers for continous operation.

  • ID: 121767

    DI water for rinse zones in surface pre-treatment of alloy wheels

    The alloy wheels produced by a large European manufacturer are distinguished by their superior optics, stability and long lifetimes. Being able to meet the high standards of automotive manufacturers an ultra-modern surface treatment technology is of outmost importance. Here, proper water treatment plays a main role ...

  • ID: 134234

    Pre-treatment of aluminum by DI water

    The pre-treatment is the foundation to achieve a good final result when applying powder coating. The surface pre-treatment at Indulak in Denmark is handled in a 56 meter long spray tunnel. The treatment is done according to the GSB AL 631 standard. The aluminum go through six treatment steps.

  • ID: 121463

    Rinse water for surface treatment of aluminum spray cans

    The customer, Ball Aerocan, is a global leading supplier of extruded aluminum aerosol spray cans.
    For the pretreatment process, demineralized rinse water with low conductivity has been required. 

  • ID: 141088

    DI rinse water for production of high end audio products

    The customer is developing and manufacturing high-end audio products. To support a growing demand of modern aluminum cabinets, the customer has implemented a new anodizing surface treatment line. For this purpose, demineralized rinse water of high purity is needed. The result is an exclusive surface look and top product quality.

  • ID: 120970

    DI rinse water for surface treatment

    The customer is one of the largest producers of shock absorbers for the automotive industry. In the surface coating process, rinse water of high quality is very important, and the demand was demineralized water with low conductivity. Water treatment was designed, produced, supplied and installed by SILHORKO-EUROWATER, including double pass reverse...
  • ID: 113000

    Rinse water for surface treatment in the automotive industry

    The customer is a leading supplier for premium cars. In their paint shop they use cathodic electrodeposition (KTL/CED). For the production of DI rinse water, 20 years old demineralizers with co-current regeneration was replaced with UPCORE technology mainly because of the self-cleaning system ensuring a constant, low pressure loss and trouble-free ...
  • ID: 104900

    Water and energy saving upgrade for existing RO plant at voestalpine Polynorm B.V.

    One of Western Europe's major supplier of automotive body and structural parts, voestalpine Polynorm B.V., has upgraded their existing water treatment plant. Due to increased production capacity, increased supply of demineralized water for the rinsing basins was needed. In addition, it was required that the upgrade had to respect strict space const...
  • ID: 094333

    Flexible solution with double pass RO for surface treatment

    Design, manufacturing, supply and installation of water treatment solution for a surface treatment plant. The customer is a sub-supplier for the commercial vehicle industry.The reverse osmosis unit is normally operated as double pass. If a larger quantity of treated water is needed, the unit can be operated in parallel mode as two single pass units...
  • ID: 056500

    Rinse water for surface treatment at SEB group factory

    The world leader in non-stick cookware and a world leader in irons, cooking appliances, pressure cookers, food and drink preparation products and scales, has specialised in surface treating frying pans and other cookware with teflon coating. EUROWATER has supplied and installed the water treatment plant for the surface treatment facility in France....