On this page you can watch videos about EUROWATER products, technologies, history and everything in between.

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Corrosion prevention for district heating

Protecting pipes and hardware is a major concern for Skanderborg-Hørning District Heating in Denmark. Therefore they have installed a maintenance free membrane degassing unit from EUROWATER, and are very pleased with the result.

Rental of water treatment plants - ready for use

Are you in need of drinking, disinfected, softened or demineralized water for a limited period of time? EUROWATER offers a wide range of water treatment plants for rental to customers who need water treatment temporarily.

50 m³/h ultra pure water solution for Induss IV

EUROWATER has supplied water treatment for the Induss IV project in Belgium. Induss IV is an outsourcing project for the chemical company Proviron. The water treatment plant is designed with extreme reliability and complete off-site visualization and remote control capabilities.

Water treatment for Olympic ice

EUROWATER has supplied water treatment for the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games. Here you can see in time-lapse how the plant is constructed from empty frame to finished product in less than a minute.

SDI - Silt Density Index

Learn how to use an EUROWATER SDI measuring apparatus to determine if a water source is suitable for reverse osmosis or nanofiltration treatment.

WTP-F - Modular design

A complete water treatment plant mounted on a frame, bulit as the EUROWATER standardized modular design. Plug and play.


Complete water treatment plant mounted on a frame. Plug and play.


Take a virtual tour of a complete water treatment plant in a container.

Manufacturing steel vessels at the EUROTANK production facility

Watch how EUROWATER steel pressure vessels are manufactured. This particular vessel is the TF-100 pressure filter.

The SILHORKO-EUROWATER 75 year anniversary event

July 4, 2011 Silhorko-Eurowater invited everyone of its employees from all branches to Denmark to an open house event. The morning and afternoon event took place in the offices and in the production facility. In the evening the company had arranged a huge gala in the Scandinavian Congress Center in Aarhus, Denmark.

The EUROWATER 75 year open house event

November 18, 2011 Silhorko-Eurowater invited partners, distributors, friends of the house and other affiliates to an open house event in celebration of our 75 year anniversary. This is a short montage from the event.

The World of Water

In the early 1960s Eurowater started a partnership with a company called 'Miracle Water Refining Company'. They were quite progressive when it came to marketing, and had made this wonderful film about water and its role in human life, presented by a television superstar of the time: Bennett Cerf, co-founder of Random House Publishing and regular panelist on the American gameshow: "What's my line?"

Toady, the film feels terribly old fashioned, but it was quite progressive at the time.