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Superior cooling water for gas turbines at peaking power plant

Reference ID: 048590
Industry: Heat and power plants
Application: Cooling Water

The customer is a peaking power plant that only runs when there is a high demand. The peaker plant is two gas turbines burning natural gas. Total capacity is 2 x 50 MW.
SILHORKO-EUROWATER has designed, delivered and commissioned a complex and robust water treatment plant producing demineralized water of the highest purity. 
The demineralized water is injected into the gas engines to increase the power output of the gas turbines by cooling the combustion air, resulting in a higher mass flow through the Low Pressure Compressor (LPC) and the High Pressure Compressor (HPC).
The water treatment solution consists of dechlorination in activated carbon filter, ion exchange softening, membrane demineralization and further polishing employing automatic mixed bed resin demineralizers as well as a complete chemical management and neutralization of waste water from mixed bed regenerations.


Technical data

  • Flow of demineralized water: 2 x 15 m³/h
  • SiO2: 0.02 mg/l
  • Conductivity: 0.08 μS/cm

Raw water (municipal water)

  • Total Hardness: 3 °dH
  • SiO2: 7.7 mg/l
  • Conductivity: 162 μS/cm

Units in plant

  • Activated carbon filters, 2 x ACTFB20
  • Softening unit type STFA14 duplex
  • Brinemaker BM2000 with SE10 control panel
  • Mechanical cartridge filters, 2 x AF 15x30“
  • Reverse osmosis units, 2 x RO C3-15 with SE30 control panel
  • Accumulation tank in PP, 15 m3
  • Mixed-bed units, 2 x MBA1800
  • Chemical and neutralization management
  • Central PLC control cabinet with Simatic S7