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Softened and demineralized water for catering company

Reference ID: 075805
Industry: Food industry
Application: Process water, Rinse water

The water treatment plant is designed for two applications: The first application is softened water for washing machines. The second application is demineralized water for dish washing machines and ingredient water for food production.

High-quality water provides better washing results, low consumption of detergents, minimum corrosion, low energy consumption and prolonged life of the technical equipment.

In order to ensure optimum food safety the process water for food production is demineralized and disinfected. All the units are automatically controlled and the water quality is monitored.

Technical data

  • Flow, softened water: 6 m³/h
  • Residual hardness: < 0.1 °dH
  • Flow, demineralized water: 1.5 m³/h
  • Conductivity: 10 µS/cm

Units in plant

  • Mechanical filtration unit
  • Activated carbon filter ACM 61 with SE10 control panel
  • Duplex softening unit SMH 362-F
  • UV disinfection unit Aquada 7
  • Reverse osmosis unit RO B1-4 with SE30 control panel
  • Storage tank 2,500 L with level switches
  • Distribution pump
  • UV disinfection unit Aquada 4