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Membrane degassing unit at District Heating Plant

Reference ID: 131253
Industry: Heat and power plants
Application: District heating water

In the Danish city of Hammel, the quality of the hot water is under control.

Hammel District Heating supplies approximately 4000 consumers with heat, now without the risk of corrosion of the pipes and hardware in the grid.

Oxygen, salts and particles in the water are the major causes of oxidation and corrosion. Oxygen reacts with steel, and salts act as catalysts for a destructive electrochemical reaction that corrodes the pipes. In an effort to increase the life-time of the grid, the district heating plant has invested in water treatment plants from SILHORKO-EUROWATER that removes these element from the water.

Most recently, a membrane degassing unit has been installed, which is an effective and space-saving technology for reducing the water’s oxygen content. The process uses no chemicals, making the technology an environmentally friendly choice.

Technical data

  • Flow: 2 m³/h
  • Oxygen content: <20 ppb

Units in plant

  • Membrane degassing unit type MDU 2-8x20 CNVP-F
  • Nitrogen generator and nitrogen storage