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Condensate water treatment at a dairy plant

Reference ID: 139827
Industry: Food industry
Application: Boiler water

SILHORKO-EUROWATER took part in the second stage of modernization of water treatment systems at one of the dairy enterprises belonging to a large international company.

Returning the hot condensate back to the boiler saves water and fuel. In this case, however, the condensate quality was not 100% pure clean water, due to leakages into CIP heat exchangers and thus, further water treatment was required. Therefore, the main job was to upgrade the water treatment system on the steam boiler. The solution consists of:

  • Removal of particles and iron in a bag filter. The special bag filter is completely in stainless steel and can operate in pH range between 3 and 13, and water temperature up to 100°C
  • Removal of hardness in an ion exchange duplex softening unit with SE20 PLC control panel. The unit is designed for hot water up to 85°C
  • Both units are insulated in order to reduce temperature loss
  • Dosing system for pH control including measuring equipment and digital dosing pump for NaOH dosing


Technical data

  • Flow: 10 m³/h
  • Hardness: <0.05 °dH

Units in plant

  • Bag filter type EFG8 AISI 316
  • Hot water softener type SFHG 1202, insulated
  • Dosing system