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Central water treatment plant for boiler feed, cooling and process

Reference ID: 064667
Industry: Metal industry
Application: Boiler water, Cooling Water, Process water

The customer is a technology leader in transforming steel wire and applying advanced coating know-how. In the process of adding new production lines to the facility, it was decided to optimize the supply of different water qualities by building a centralized water treatment plant.
Raw water is supplied by local municipality. First treatment step is nanofiltration. The treated water is used as make-up water in open cooling loop systems. Next step of treatment is softening. The water is used as boiler feed water. Final treatment step is membrane filtration in RO unit. The demineralized outlet water is used in production process.

Besides units, the complete water treatment solution contains storage tanks, pump stations, CIP unit for cleaning of membranes, a superior control system including remote surveillance and control of the entire plant.

Technical data


  • Nanofiltration: 22 m³/h
  • Softening: 13 m³/h
  • Demineralization: 1.7 m³/h

Raw water – well (municipal) water

  • Alkalinity: 18 °dH
  • Total hardness: 15  °dH
  • Conductivity: 508 μS/cm

Treated water

  • Alkalinity: 0.5 °dH
  • Total hardness: < 0.1 °dH
  • Conductivity: 4 μS/cm


Units in plant

  • Protective bag filters, 2 x 1BF2, 50 μm
  • Dosing pumps for dechlorination DDI with SE30 control panel
  • Antiscalant dosing pumps DDI
  • Mechanical filtration AF 10x30" (5+1 μm abs)
  • Nanofiltration unit NF C3-21 with CIP unit
  • PP accumulation tank, 12 m3
  • Automatic Pressure Station, 2 x CRE10-6 + CR10-6
  • Softening unit SMH1202
  • Reverse osmosis unit RO B1-6
  • PP accumulation tank 8 m3 + Automatic Pressure Station
  • 2 x Automatic loop water quality control unit EUROTROL 2D with SE30 control panel and motor-driven blowdown valve
  • Local PLC control panels SE
  • Superior control system SIMATIC S7