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EUROWATER references:

Here you will find a broad selection of EUROWATER projects and plants along with with plenty of pictures and descriptions.

Become inspired both in terms of form, function and the environment in which the plants operate.

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  • ID: 142500

    Two independent treatment lines at modern waterworks

    The water supply comprises approx. 1,600 households and a festival once a year with 36,000 guests. It demands high security of supply, as the waterworks have no emergency connection to another waterwork. This modern waterwork ensures clean drinking water 24/7/365 with the market's most advanced equipment.

  • ID: 140725

    Vildbjerg Waterworks

    Vildbjerg Waterworks near Herning in Denmark has been completely renovated. EUROWATER has been responsible for the machine delivery, including water treatment plants, clean water tanks and distribution system. The waterworks now stands as a state-of-the-art waterworks, supplying approx. 2,900 households with clean drinking water. In addition, sp...
  • ID: 142479

    Purified water for sterilization of surgical instruments

    A new central sterile supply department (CSSD) has been built at the regional hospital in Viborg, Denmark. SILHORKO-EUROWATER has supplied the complete water treatment plant for the supply of demineralized water to the washer disinfectors and steam autoclaves. The solution consists of two independent double-pass reverse osmosis (DPRO) units to secu...
  • ID: 140330

    UV units as hygienic barrier in drinking water

    Twelve (12) UV disinfection units has been supplied as hygienic barrier at waterworks and in advanced locations in the pipeline network at VandCenter Syd, one of Denmark's largest and oldest water utilities.

  • ID: 144316

    Process water for CIP in Russian dairy

    The Molvest dairy company in southwest Russia has invested in a second water treatment solution from SILHORKO-EUROWATER for turning groundwater into high-quality process water. They were so satisfied with the first solution that five years later, they ordered another solution just like it. The water is planned to be used for CIP in a new whey powde...
  • ID: 131860

    Water treatment for juice production

    Rynkeby Foods A/S is the largest manufacturer of juice and cordials in the Nordic region. The water treatment solution supplies softened water and demineralized water for the following purposes: cleaning, make-up water for steam boiler, rinse water for juice bottles, and lubricant for food grade pumps.

  • ID: 142600

    Ultra-pure water for steam turbine application

    Two redundant ion exchanger lines are producing each 8 m³/h ultra pure demineralized water. Each line consists of a strong cation and strong anion system with a common mixed bed to polish the demineralized water to ultra-pure water.


  • ID: 114113

    Water treatment plant for chicken farm

    Automatic water treatment for the production of demineralized water. The water quality is used for high pressure cooling and humidification of air on chicken farm.

  • ID: 129507

    Water treatment plant for cosmetics production

    Automatic water treatment plant for the production of demineralized water. Demineralized water is used to make cosmetics products.

  • ID: 129600

    Drinking water purification at waterworks

    The water supply comprises approx. 1,500 consumers, most of whom are holiday homes, and this gives great variations in the amount of water required; In the summer there is a great deal of water consumption, and in winter the water consumption is minimal. The new water treatment plant is optimized for both operating conditions.

  • ID: 140408

    Iron removal plant for beer production

    One of the oldest breweries in Ukraine “Berdichev Brewery” improved their production by installing a new iron removal plant by SILHORKO-EUROWATER, based on ecological friendly non-chemical solution.


  • ID: 133815

    Independent water supply for laundry

    In the laundry industry, a reliable and cost effective water supply is a crucial element to an optimum operation. In order to be independent from the public water supply, this laundry has established its own 60 m³/h filtration system for removal of iron and manganese from a ground water source.

  • ID: 139827

    Condensate water treatment at a dairy plant

    SILHORKO-EUROWATER took part in a steam boiler water modernization project at a dairy plant belonging to a large international company.

  • ID: 128100

    Modernisation of iron removal system

    Every year more than 100,000 cubicmetres of clean drinking water is distributed to about 900 households in the city of Østbirk, Denmark. The raw water is groundwater from four boreholes, 80 meters deep. The water treatment capacity has been enlarged and the water treatment technology has been modernised. 

  • ID: 133463

    Ion exchange unit in container

    The water was contiminated with heavy metals from a project of cleaning a large train tunnel, and it was very important to prevent the polluted water from flowing into a nearby stream. The solution contains mechanical filtration and selective ion exchangers. The solution is mobile and consist of seven containers.

  • ID: 132200

    Waterworks for 2 x 25 m³/h of potable water

    The Danish part of the SILHORKO-EUROWATER group has supplied a turnkey waterworks with a yearly capacity of 200,000 cubic metres of pure drinking water. The water treatment solution consists of two complete treatment lines, each with two pressure filters for removal of iron, manganese and ammonium as well as a clean water tank in stainless steel. T...
  • ID: 139900

    Eco-friendly water treatment for district heating

    Aars District Heating plant has upgraded their water treatment plant so that the water quality is without salts and oxygen. In other words, optimum corrosion prevention for the distribution network as well as the technical installations. The membrane unit for reducing the water's salt content is optimized with respect to water utilization. A unit ...
  • ID: 127211

    Reverse osmosis unit in sanitary design

    Sanitary reverse osmosis unit in AISI 316L for the production of 12.5 cubic meters of demineralized ingredient water per hour. The customer is Danone.

  • ID: 127700

    Water softening (Ion Exchange) in municipal drinking water treatment

    As the first water utility in Denmark, TÅRNBYFORSYNING is providing softened drinking water to its consumers using ion exchange technology.

  • ID: 123123

    Water treatment for Turkmenistan Glass Factory

    The glass plant is designed to produce several types of glass products, including laminated and tempered glass. The DI water production is done in several steps, including double-pass membrane filtration. A special coating process requires water quality with low silica content and conductivity less than 1 µS/cm. Within each glass rinse zone, the wa...
  • ID: 129671

    New dealkalizer for French brewery

    The customer is a French brewery with a yearly beer capacity of 100,000 hectolitre. To improve the water treatment process, the brewery has replaced an old dealkalizer by a new duplex plant including UV disinfection unit and pumps with frequency inverter for energy saving.

  • ID: 131185

    Optimum make-up water at Skærbæk District Heating

    Every year, 27,000 MWh heat is supplied to approximately 1,400 consumers by the district heating plant in Skærbæk, Denmark. Based on the fact, that water quality is crucial for the durability of district heating pipes, installations, and boilers, the utility company has recently improved the quality of the make-up water and circuit water. Softening...
  • ID: 131253

    Membrane degassing unit at District Heating Plant

    Hammel District Heating supplies approximately 4000 consumers with heat, now without the risk of corrosion of the pipes and hardware in the grid. Oxygen, salts and particles in the water are the major causes of oxidation and corrosion. In an effort to increase the life-time of the grid, the district heating plant has invested in water treatment pla...
  • ID: 127350

    DI water for chromium-free pre-treatment

    The pretreatment system performs cleaning, rinsing and preparation of the product surface. The purpose of the pretreatment system prior to powder coating is to ensure corrosion protection, optimal adhesion to the subsequent coatings, electrical insulation and minimize surface friction and abrasion. The rinse water is demineralized water, recirculat...
  • ID: 129778

    DI water for pre-treatment of light alloy wheels

    The customer is a large European manufacturer of high-quality light alloy wheels. In order to fulfil the highest standards, proper pre-treatment plays a critical role. Each of three independent lines consists of gravel filter and two parallel demineralizers for continous operation.

  • ID: 121767

    DI water for rinse zones in surface pre-treatment of alloy wheels

    The alloy wheels produced by a large European manufacturer are distinguished by their superior optics, stability and long lifetimes. Being able to meet the high standards of automotive manufacturers an ultra-modern surface treatment technology is of outmost importance. Here, proper water treatment plays a main role ...

  • ID: 129134

    Demineralized water for textile humidification

    Humidifiers are used in textile processing to maintain product weight, improve quality, reduce static and provide air cooling. In order to ensure a continous and troble-free operation of the humidifiers, SILHORKO-EUROWATER has supplied a reverse osmosis unit producing demineralized water to Lainière de Picardie BC

  • ID: 134234

    Pre-treatment of aluminum by DI water

    The pre-treatment is the foundation to achieve a good final result when applying powder coating. The surface pre-treatment at Indulak in Denmark is handled in a 56 meter long spray tunnel. The treatment is done according to the GSB AL 631 standard. The aluminum go through six treatment steps.

  • ID: 121463

    Rinse water for surface treatment of aluminum spray cans

    The customer, Ball Aerocan, is a global leading supplier of extruded aluminum aerosol spray cans.
    For the pretreatment process, demineralized rinse water with low conductivity has been required. 

  • ID: 129700

    Ingredient water for ice cream production

    Rud is the leading ice cream company in Ukraine, and their products are exported to a lot of European countries. The company strives for a continuous environmental improvement in the production, in which utilization of the water is an important part. Rud needed water treatment for product water for the ice cream production as well as water for r...
  • ID: 141088

    DI rinse water for production of high end audio products

    The customer is developing and manufacturing high-end audio products. To support a growing demand of modern aluminum cabinets, the customer has implemented a new anodizing surface treatment line. For this purpose, demineralized rinse water of high purity is needed. The result is an exclusive surface look and top product quality.

  • ID: 132600

    200 m³/h ground water treatment for food production

    Ground water is being treated by pressure filtration to remove the iron and manganese content.

  • ID: 120140

    Iron removal filters in stainless steel

    The waterworks has been updated with new and modern water treatment equipment, including: 1) Pressure filters in stainless steel, 2) Aeration equipment and equipment for backwash, 3) Monitoring panel for online measurement of turbidity, oxygen, pH and conductivity, 4) Distribution system with frequency controlled booster pumps and 5) Pipe system in...
  • ID: 124646

    High purity water for biotech company Glycom

    The customer is Glycom, a privately held research-based biotech company focused on human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs). The water is used as a processing aid and for cleaning operations in the HMO process. In each case, the purity of the water is very important for obtaining a good performance.

  • ID: 118787

    Complete production plant for purified water

    At the firm of Fertin Pharma, SILHORKO-EUROWATER has supplied, installed and commissioned a water treatment plant for purified water production used for cleaning purposes and for manufacturing of medicated chewing gum.

  • ID: 113075

    Plug-and-play water treatment (WTP-F) for power plant

    SILHORKO-EUROWATER has supplied a water treatment plant for the Tilbury Green Power Waste Wood Biomass Plant. Commissioning on site was done in 2 days. A true plug and play solution. The steam blow, an important milestone in the project, was accomplished as planned.



  • ID: 109980

    Water treatment for Combined Cycle Gas Turbine

    EUROWATER has supplied water treatment for Poland's largest Combined Cycle Gas Turbine with a generation capacity of 400 MVe and 240 MWt, located in the town of Stalowa Wola. This project is one of the first state-of-the art large CCGT gas fired power projects in Poland and part of Poland's drive to reduce reliance on use of coal for power gener...
  • ID: 115000

    Chemical free makeup water for power plant

    Energie Steiermark Power Plant in Graz has replaced their existing water treatment plant for producing make-up water. One of their main concerns was to avoid the use of chemicals. By using a double pass RO, membrane degasser and EDI from EUROWATER, ultrapure water of a very high quality is produced.

  • ID: 120970

    DI rinse water for surface treatment

    The customer is one of the largest producers of shock absorbers for the automotive industry. In the surface coating process, rinse water of high quality is very important, and the demand was demineralized water with low conductivity. Water treatment was designed, produced, supplied and installed by SILHORKO-EUROWATER, including double pass rever...
  • ID: 119837

    UPCORE demineralization plant for boiler house and gelatine production

    A gelatine manufacturer, belonging to the Weishardt Group, has replaced their water treatment in the boiler house with a water treatment plant from SILHORKO-EUROWATER. 

  • ID: 119225

    300 m³/h filtration of groundwater for starch production

    The water treatment solution consists of pressure filters for removal of iron and manganese from own groundwater supply. After filtration, the water is used as drinking water and inlet water for existing, larger softening plant, also supplied by SILHORKO-EUROWATER. The water is used in the refinement of starch products for food applications, mainly...
  • ID: 113000

    Rinse water for surface treatment in the automotive industry

    The customer is a leading supplier for premium cars. In their paint shop they use cathodic electrodeposition (KTL/CED). For the production of DI rinse water, 20 years old demineralizers with co-current regeneration was replaced with UPCORE technology mainly because of the self-cleaning system ensuring a constant, low pressure loss and trouble-free ...
  • ID: 125900

    Boiler water treatment through UPCORE demineralization

    The plant consists of UPCORE units for demineralization as well as mixed bed units for polishing. The ion exchange demineralizers are countercurrently regenerated, thus optimizing the utilization of the regeneration chemicals and self-cleaning, thus ensuring a constant, low pressure loss.

  • ID: 096000

    Danish waterworks monitors water quality on-line ensuring high reliability of supply

    EUROWATER has supplied the process plant for this ultra-modern waterworks. That utilizes the newest technologies for online measurement, aeration and pressure filtration to ensure high securrity of supply and drinking water safety.

  • ID: 119250

    Sand filters with sea water resistant rubber lining

    EUROWATER delivered a new filter solution to the combined heat and power plant, Avedøre Power Station, owned by DONG Energy A/S. The power plant uses desalinated water as boiler feed water. As part of the water treatment before the desalination plant, sand filtration is used. 

  • ID: 120555

    Water treatment for sugar production

    EUROWATER has delivered water treatment plant for a sugar factory in Ukraine. The old sugar plant reconstructed its facilities. There was a change of steam turbine into a new one. A complete solution for ultra pure water is supplied. Raw water is underground water from 3 wells and is undergoing the following treatment steps: 1) Iron removal 2) Soft...
  • ID: 119289

    Water for high pressure boilers with steam turbine

    EC Gliwice is the strategic, local supplier of district heating for industrial and public buildings with a generation capacity of 67 MWt. SFW Energia needed to expand the power generation module. Installation of a steam turbine introduced the need to use water in accordance with the standards PN-EN 12952-10 and PN-EN 12952-12. The water treat...
  • ID: 089265

    Handrup Bakker Waterworks

    EUROWATER has supplied the complete water treatment plant for this fine waterworks. The architect-designed waterworks was constructed and built to meet the requirements of the local area development plan and at the same time to pay due respect to nature conservation and the unique surrounding environment.

  • ID: 114300

    Water saving water treatment plant for boiler house

    Design, manufacturing, supply and installation of water treatment plant for boiler feed water. The customer is a well-known company in the plastic industry.

  • ID: 116161

    Iron removal, softening and membrane filtration for food industry

    The customers production capacity was doubled, also meaning that water treatment needed extension. Therefore SILHORKO-EUROWATER installed two iron removal filters followed by a duplex softening unit to treat a nominal flow of 100 m³/h.

  • ID: 119615

    Optimal water treatment for district heating plant in Denmark

    SILHORKO-EUROWATER has delivered a complete water treatment plant for make-up water for the district heating plant. Optimal water for make-up and circuit is demineralized, deoxidated, free from mechanical impurities and pH regulated. By removing salts and oxygen, you avoid corrosion in the district heating piping.


  • ID: 116255

    Demineralized water for plant nursery specialized in seedlings

    The customer is a plant nursery producing all kinds of seedlings. Demineralized water is used in a washing machine for plastic transport boxes for the seedlings, partly as rinse water and partly for dilution water for a disinfectant.

  • ID: 115496

    Water treatment for hygienic washing of textiles

    SILHORKO-EUROWATER A/S has designed, produced, supplied, and installed a complete water treatment plant for producing water for washing of textiles and boiler feed water.

  • ID: 106250

    Short delivery time of solution for high pressure steam boiler makeup water

    For one of Nordic Sugar’s factories, EUROWATER has delivered a complete and reliable water treatment plant for producing very high quality boiler makeup water. There are two boilers both with an operating pressure of 60 bar and the steam will drive a turbine that supplies the factory with power. In addition, the water is mixed with an ammonia solut...
  • ID: 112954

    Water treatment for cooling system at production of cables

    The world leader in the production of cables and systems for telecommunications and energy is expanding its existing production capacity to its new facility in an emerging industrial park and needs for his manufacturing process pure cooling water with strictly defined properties. EUROWATER has supplied a modern, fully automated water treatment plan...
  • ID: 095500

    Clean water tanks in stainless steel

    The clean water tanks are manufactured in stainless steel AISI 316L. The horizontal cylindrical tanks are free-standing in the building. This solution supports high drinking water safety based on some specific advantages compared to clean water tanks in concrete under ground.

  • ID: 098447

    Ultrapure water for microelectronic

    SILHORKO-EUROWATER has supplied water treatment units with PVDF-HP pipe system for ultrapure water. The project is the biggest Polish investment in high technologies.

    There are four units in the solution, all supplied as complete frame-mounted water treatment plants (WTP-F) with all internal piping in PVDF HP and wiring factory built

  • ID: 096414

    Turnkey solution for softened and demineralized water for hospital

    EUROWATER has designed and supplied a complete frame mounted plant for the New University Hospital in Aarhus (DNU), Denmark. Supplied as a turnkey solution, EUROWATER had complete responsibility for delivery, installation, instrumentation, piping, control, and documentation. The pre-installation means that all internal piping and wiring have been ...
  • ID: 104900

    Water and energy saving upgrade for existing RO plant at voestalpine Polynorm B.V.

    One of Western Europe's major supplier of automotive body and structural parts, voestalpine Polynorm B.V., has upgraded their existing water treatment plant. Due to increased production capacity, increased supply of demineralized water for the rinsing basins was needed. In addition, it was required that the upgrade had to respect strict space const...
  • ID: 094333

    Flexible solution with double pass RO for surface treatment

    Design, manufacturing, supply and installation of water treatment solution for a surface treatment plant. The customer is a sub-supplier for the commercial vehicle industry.The reverse osmosis unit is normally operated as double pass. If a larger quantity of treated water is needed, the unit can be operated in parallel mode as two single pass units...
  • ID: 105900

    High efficiency production of makeup water for Aalborg district heating

    EUROWATER has designed and supplied a new plant for producing makeup water for the district heating grid in Aalborg, Denmark. The plant is a vital part of Aalborg district heating's maintenance plan, allowing the main makeup production facility at another location to be shut down on a regular basis for maintenance. The plant consists of an UPCORE d...
  • ID: 100000

    Iron removal in pressure filters with flow rate of 135 m3/h

    SILHORKO-EUROWATER has been involved in the construction of a complete new waterworks. The project included design, production, delivery, installation, and start-up of the pressure filters including stainless steel piping. The pressure filters are designed for iron removal and manganese removal. The filters are high-capacity with a flow rate of ...
  • ID: 106102

    Water saving UPCORE softener for Heinz

    SILHORKO-EUROWATER has delivered an UPCORE DUPLEX softening plant for Heinz in Poland, who uses soft water for vegetable preserves production. The water treatment plant is needed for production, storage, distribution and water mixing system. Using the UPCORE softener results in a higher quality of water compared to a standard softener. It also s...
  • ID: 106000

    Water saving in Arla Dairy

    New water saving technology from EUROWATER has reduced water waste by more than 75% to the benefit of both the dairy's competitiveness and the environment. When the Danish Arla dairy needed to change and modernize their existing water treatment plant, sustainable dairy production played a major role. Therefore water savings was in high focus, an...
  • ID: 114447

    Pressure filters in stainless steel AISI 316 for Hasselager-Kolt waterworks

    SILHORKO-EUROWATER has delivered pressure filters in stainless steel for the Danish waterworks Hasselager-Kolt.

    The groundwater is oxidized with air from a compressor. It is then filtered through pressure filters to remove iron and manganese.

  • ID: 099566

    Demineralization with UPCORE technology

    The plant consists of a raw water tank, two UPCORE units and two regeneration tanks. The boiler feed water is demineralized by the patented water treatment principle of UPCORE, combining all the know advantages of demineralization through iron exchanges with the counter-flow principle. The plant is self-cleaning, which reduces its pressure loss.

  • ID: 103450

    Double-pass RO in stainless steel for cosmetics

    For one of the biggest cosmetic manufacturer in the beauty industry worldwide, EUROWATER has designed, built and erected fully automatic water treatment plant for production of cosmetics.

  • ID: 103891

    Make-up water for district heating

    For company PGNiG, EUROWATER has designed, built and erected fully automatic water treatment plant for generation, storage and distribution of water for make-up of district heating system as well as boiler feed.
  • ID: 107643

    Water savings in food production with RO-PLUS

    A leading nutrition company has upgraded their 19 years old reverse osmosis unit with the water-saving solution RO-PLUS.

  • ID: 097100

    Flue gas condensate treatment at biomass fired CHP plant

    The flue gas condensate from a power plant in Sweden is treated by water treatment technologies from EUROWATER. The produced flue gas condensate is waste water that is contaminated with heavy metals and organic pollutants. Several treatment steps are required in order to release the purified water to recipient. The water treatment plant is designed...
  • ID: 105050

    Redundant reverse osmosis for the production of beer

    Two redundant reverse osmosis units are producing each 30 m³/h for the production of beer. An automatic mixing bypass over the reverse osmosis makes sure the perfect amount of hardness is reached in the produced water.

  • ID: 103000

    Water treatment for PepsiCo dairy

    The Wimm-Bill-Dann dairy in Kiev, Ukraine - owned by PepsiCo - has recently updated and improved the water treatment plant supplying high-quality demineralized water for the production of dairy products. The state-of-the-art water treatment plant with RO and automatic CIP is supplied by EUROWATER.

  • ID: 103449

    UV disinfection for treatment of drinking water

    SILHORKO-EUROWATER has delivered UV-disinfection plants for Bagsværd waterworks in Denmark, which supplies the citizens of Gladsaxe with 1.2 million cubic metres of water every year.   The UV-treatment serves as an extra precaution to prevent microbiological contamination of the water. The risk of contamination is small, but the consequents woul...
  • ID: 088700

    Water for the steam turbines at Kyndby Power Plant

    Kyndby Power Plant, which is owned by DONG Energy, is the emergency and peak load facility for all of Zealand. The power plant can be started up within minutes if operational irregularities occur in the high voltage electricity grid or problems arise at other power plants. Therefore, a reliable water treatment plant is crucial.

  • ID: 094955

    NOWE waterworks

    Design, manufacturing and supply of water treatment plant for waterworks in Krośniewice, a town in the center of Poland.

    The filtration system consists of four automatic pressure filters with a diameter of 1800 mm, designed as parallel filters, with complete pipe system in stainless steel.

  • ID: 095103

    Chemical free makeup water for power plant

    Renosyd I/S, waste-to-energy heat and powerplant located in Skanderborg in Denmark has replaced their existing water treatment plant for make-up water. One of their main concerns was to avoid the use of chemicals. By using a membrane degasser to remove CO2 instead of dosing lye, and by using EDI for producing deionate instead of a conventional mixe...
  • ID: 094646

    Make-up water for district heating grid BTB Schöneweide

    SILHORKO-EUROWATER has delivered a compact unit type CU:RO for BTB Schöneweide in Germany.

    In the compact system, consisting of a frame-mounted duplex-softening and a reverse osmosis system, the water from a well is softened, demineralized and subsequently fed into a network expansion tank. Sodium hydroxide solution is added to control pH.



  • ID: 094651

    Make-up water for district heating plant

    On an exisiting water treatment plant an old reverse osmosis plant has been replaced by two new parallel systems. The soft water pump and permeate pump were upgraded to double redundant pumps.

    Managment and control technology was also included in the expansion.

  • ID: 093796

    Process water for production of soft drinks

    EUROWATER designed, manufactured, delivered and installed a water treatment plant for demineralization of water with controlled mixing to obtain requested m-alkalinity value in treated outlet stream used for production of soft drinks.

  • ID: 077340

    Water treatment for Olympic Ice

    EUROWATER has supplied water treatment for the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games. The water treatment ensures the highest quality speed skating ice completely free of particles, bubbles and salts.

  • ID: 083200

    Water treatment for a dairy plant

    A change in the water quality from the municipal drinking water made the water harder. Because of the change in hardness, they needed to start to treat the intake water to the dairy with a softening plant.  

  • ID: 093598

    Modernisation of softener for brew water

    EUROWATER designed and retrofitted a worn out regeneration system for operation of softeners into a modern automated one with high level of operational reliability ensured by pneumatic activators of membrane valves system resulting in significant running cost savings.

  • ID: 090190

    Flue gas condensate treatment at waste incineration plant

    The flue gas condensate from a waste-to-energy (WtE) plant is treated by water treatment technologies from EUROWATER. The water treatment plants are designed for a flow of 3.3 m³/h

  • ID: 076400

    Waterworks of the future - Truelsbjerg Waterworks

    The new waterworks in Truelsbjerg, Denmark has from the very beginning been developed as an innovative and visionary way of designing waterworks for the future. Aarhus Vand, one of the major water utility companies in Denmark, wanted the waterworks to meet the requirements of today as well as those 20 or 30 years from now in regards to both water q...
  • ID: 093069

    Iron removal plant for mink farm

    Availability of a continuous supply of clean and safe drinking water is important for ensuring good growth conditions and high fur quality of the animals at the mink farm in the central part of Ukraine. Raw water is well water and contains high level of iron. Based on water analysis and customer requirements for working conditions, EUROWATER has d...
  • ID: 090000

    Water and energy efficient water treatment for large hospital

    This hospital has gained considerable savings due to a reduced water, salt and energy consumption. Compared to the previous installation they save more than 10.000 m³ water per year. The hospital requires a reliable and robust water treatment and it has been important to exploit new and energy efficient technologies in order to minimize the consump...
  • ID: 083184

    Water treatment for an Arla / Molvest dairy in Russia

    Danish Dairy company Arla decided to establish a new production in the southwest of Russia together with the local dairy Molvest. To reduce the levels of iron and manganese the feed water is filtered in two parallel pressure filters. The treated water is collected in large stainless steel vessels and a pumping unit supplies it to the user points. T...
  • ID: 083083

    50 m³/h continuous supply of ultrapure water for chemical production

    Induss IV: This project is a fully remote controlled water treatment plant that delivers 50 m³/h of ultrapure water, mainly for ingredient water in the production of chemicals but also partly as boiler feed water. The water is treated with RO followed by an EDI polishing and stored in a 2000 m³ buffer tank to compensate for variation in usage durin...
  • ID: 077000

    Hesselager waterworks

    EUROWATER has built a waterworks on the Danish island Funen for removal of methane, iron, manganese and ammonium. The result is one of Denmark's most modern waterworks. Before the filtration process begins the content of methane is removed by degassing in an underground filter. The content of iron, manganese and ammonium is then removed by filtrati...
  • ID: 076042

    Water treatment for Facebook datacenter

    EUROWATER has supplied and installed a water treatment plant for Facebook's server farm in the northern part of Sweden. To make the server farm as efficient as possible, cooling with water atomization was chosen instead of more traditional cooling methods. One of the benefits of water atomization is to achieve a high humidity, thus reducing static ...
  • ID: 075805

    Softened and demineralized water for catering company

    The water treatment plant is designed for two applications: The first application is softened water for washing machines. The second application is demineralized water for dish washing machines and ingredient water for food production.

  • ID: 071558

    Waterworks for 500 m³/h

    Water treatment plant for waterworks in Wyszków, a town in northeastern Poland. EUROWATERs has designed, manufactured, supplied and installed the complete solution.  

    The filtration system consists of six pressure filters with a diameter of 3000 mm designed as parallel filters with a pipe system entirely in stainless steel.



  • ID: 076399

    Architect-designed waterworks

    In the countryside just outside Aarhus, Denmark you will find this elegant, architect-designed waterworks with two separate filter lines sharing backwash equipment. The waterworks has been stylishly designed, but great care has been taken to ensure user friendly access to the technical installation for the sake of service and trouble-free operation...
  • ID: 089999

    Demineralized cooling water for alu die casting

    alu-druckguss deliver machined and pre-assembled aluminum components and they process around 5,000-tons aluminum annually. For their high-quality aluminum die casting they need demineralized water for dilution of coolants. Using demineralized water compared to city water is more economical – the use of coolants is reduced, the destruction of the...
  • ID: 079932

    Straight forward waterworks

    When it was time to replace the existing EUROWATER pressure filter from 1969 Skræm Waterworks, from the northern part of Jutland, contacted EUROWATER which projected a waterworks and delivered the technical installation. Skræm Waterworks is a small decentralized waterworks with 80 consumers. The waterworks is 73 m² and designed with a filter room, ...
  • ID: 078000

    Plug-and-play water treatment plant for biomass gasification plant

    This water treatment plant is designed mainly for producing ultrapure make-up water for a high-pressure steam boiler. The plant is supplied to Göteborg Energi AB for the GoBiGas project, a 20 megawatt biomass gasification and methanation project in Gothenburg, Sweden.

  • ID: 089136

    Cooling water treatment installed in 8 foot container

    SILHORKO-EUROWATER has delivered cooling water treatment for a chemical company in Russia, the company chose a plug-and-play 8-foot container installation for the water treatment.  Water from a well is filtered through a protective filter and subsequently softened. Automatic operation is ensured by the SE20 control panel, which communicates with...
  • ID: 049997

    Demineralized make-up water for district heating network

    SILHORKO-EUROWATER has delivered water treatment plants for demineralized make-up water for the district heating network. To prevent corrosion, the circuit water of the district heating network is conditioned with an alkalinizing agent and an oxygen binder.

  • ID: 079575

    Demineralized cooling water for pit furnace

    EUROWATER has designed and delivered a complete water treatment solution for production of demineralized cooling water for pit furnace used in copper recycle process.

  • ID: 083506

    Compact water treatment unit for pharma

    The CU:PHARMA unit with RO and EDI is hot water sanitizable (HWS) for production of purified water (PW) at pharmaceutical company in Gdansk, Poland.

  • ID: 073943

    Plug and play solution for boiler feed water - water treatment plant in container

    A high content of silica in the raw water resulted in scaling in the boiler. Based on a water analysis a suitable water treatment solution was designed including reverse osmosis unit and antiscale dosing as pretreatment. For optimum reliability in the water supply, the solution is designed with two individual and identical water treatment lines, ea...
  • ID: 074900

    Denmark’s largest and most modern UV disinfection system for drinking water

    EUROWATER has supplied a large UV disinfection system to a municipal water utility close to Copenhagen. The water utility annually produces approximately 7 million m³ of water and supplies approximately 200,000 consumers with pure drinking water. The UV treatment is an extra security against microbiological contamination of the drinking water. The ...
  • ID: 078058

    Long life softener for heating plant

    Softening units are a long-time investment and EUROWATER uses the best materials available. That is why the existing water softener at a Danish heating plant was still running after 20 years. It was only due to a major renovation that it was decided to replace the existing plant with a newer model. According to the operator, it easily could have ru...
  • ID: 076636

    Permeate softener in boiler feed water solution

    The water supply is drinking water, prefiltered river water. The treated water is used as boiler feed water at CHP plant.

  • ID: 068700

    Demineralized make-up water for bioenergy plant

    The biomass fired combined heat and power plant GBE- Gocher Bioenergie GmbH by the city Goch in Germany supplies climate friendly power for 11.000 households, and process steam for the company Nähr-Engel per year. It is fueled by natural wood, and 17 ton goes in to the combustion every hour.  

  • ID: 074024

    Water treatment for V&S Absolute Spirits

    SILHORKO EUROWATER has delivered a water treatment plant for V&S Absolute in Poland. The plant consists of hot water sanitixable actived carbon filters and pipe system in stainless steel and two reverse osmosis (RO) units placed on the same frame. Through RO you demineralize the water without the use of hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide.

  • ID: 068500

    Demineralized water for brewery at low water and energy consumption

    In order to minimize water and energy consumption, Harboes breweries have thoroughly upgraded their water treatment plant. EUROWATER has supplied, installed and commissioned a series of reverse osmosis units – the RO-PLUS. This series is interesting because it is designed for a recovery of up to 90 % compromising neither reliability nor water quali...
  • ID: 063667

    Waterworks with an expansion plan for the future

    The waterworks is build for a capacity of 70 m3/h. The customer wanted to prepare the waterworks for an increased future supply, so the filter room is designed for two extra pressure filters, an additional supply pump and piping for an extra clean water tank.

  • ID: 070704

    Compact RO plant with high recovery and low energy consumption

    After having bought their steam from a neighboring company for a number of years, the customer was looking to start its own steam production instead. In collaboration with the boiler manufacturer it was determined that the customer needed up to 20 m³ of high quality treated water per hour with a conductivity less than 20 µS/cm.Due to the increasing...
  • ID: 068520

    Make-up water for high-pressure steam boiler 2 x 30 m³/h

    The water source is a river with high salt content, especially chlorides. The level of organics in the raw water varies considerably during the year. Pre-treatment has been designed to secure an acceptable water quality as inlet water for the demineralization plant. In the RO units, fouling resistant membranes have been applied in order to avoid b...
  • ID: 056500

    Rinse water for surface treatment at SEB group factory

    The world leader in non-stick cookware and a world leader in irons, cooking appliances, pressure cookers, food and drink preparation products and scales, has specialised in surface treating frying pans and other cookware with teflon coating. EUROWATER has supplied and installed the water treatment plant for the surface treatment facility in France....
  • ID: 064290

    Recycling of backwash water for fine sand bed at waterworks

    The anticipation of increased drainage fees prompted the private waterworks to investigate a more economical solution than flushing their rinse water directly to the drain. The waterworks produces 60 m3 of potable water per hour which requires a large amount of water for backwash. An operational calculation revealed that installing a separate press...
  • ID: 068800

    Boiler water treatment for Stadtwerke Brandenburg

    Stadtwerke Brandenburg delivers gas, electricity and district heating for Brandenburg with a focus on profitability and sustainability.

    The water is used as boiler feed water for high pressure steam boiler. The water is treated in five steps.

  • ID: 068926

    Water for cellulose production

    SILHORKO-EUROWATER has delivered a water treatment plant for a chemical company with high demands on the reliability and water quality, and a special attention on silicic acid and conductivity. The water is softened and afterwards demineralized through double-pass reverse osmosis. Using a double-pass RO system compared to a single-pass system re...
  • ID: 066018

    40 feet container-mounted reverse osmosis unit

    Two reverse osmosis units are producing each 25 m³/h. All units as well as electrical cabinets are built up redundant inside a 40 feet container. The main flow goes to a chemical company where water is being used for process applications. A second flow of demineralized water goes through a duplex softener to take away the residual hardness before i...
  • ID: 064667

    Central water treatment plant for boiler feed, cooling and process

    The customer is a technology leader in transforming steel wire and applying advanced coating know-how. In the process of adding new production lines to the facility, it was decided to optimize the supply of different water qualities by building a centralized water treatment plant. 

  • ID: 048590

    Superior cooling water for gas turbines at peaking power plant

    Automatic water treatment plant for production of demineralized cooling water of the highest quality to a system with gas turbines of total installed power of 2 x 50 MW. The water is injected into the gas engines to increase the power output of the gas turbines by cooling the combustion air.


  • ID: 063498

    Double pass RO for Boiler Feed Water

    The unit RO-plus has a total recovery of 90% and is designed so that the mode of operation can easily be changed from double pass to two single pass.

  • ID: 054088

    Water treatment for Berlin airport

    SILHORKO-EUROWATER has delivered water treatment for a German airport. The city-water is demineralized by two parallel reverse osmosis systems (RO). To avoid hardness precipitation antiscalant is added before RO. Different water qualities are used as make-up water for the district heating network and the cooling towers. The circulation water of the...
  • ID: 056948

    Water treatment plant for a newspaper printing company

    In a printing house in Bratislava, SILHORKO-EUROWATER has installed a central water treatment plant to satisfy different needs for treated water. The advantages are savings in investment and operational expenses.


  • ID: 041846

    Arsenic removal 2 x 50 m³/h

    A turnkey contract, this waterworks is uncompromisingly designed for optimum delivery reliability and low maintenance.  Built as two completely separate waterworks supplied by separate wells and controlled by separate PLC control cabinets, it even has two separate clean water tanks.

  • ID: 048900

    Water treatment for glass washing machines

    All-in-one! Fully automated, plug-and-play compact water treatment unit for rinsing zones. Demineralized rinse water and water savings by recirculating through special dual filter with gravel and activated carbon. 

  • ID: 045000

    Turbine water, cooling water and drinking water at power plant

    EUROWATER has supplied the power plant with a.o. pressure filter, activated carbon filter, UV-disinfection unit, reverse osmosis units, cartridge filter, electrodeionization unit, and mixed-bed unit. The flow rate for turbine water is 1.5 m³/h, for the cooling water 7.5 m³/h, and for the drinking water 2.0 m³/h.

  • ID: 045228

    Make-up water for high-pressure boiler in power plant

    Minimizing installation time and labour at customer premises can be achieved by a EUROWATER frame-mounted water treatment system. Frame-mounted units are supplied with all internal piping and wiring ready made and the system is pretested.
  • ID: 022200

    2 x 60 m³/h ultrapure water for power plant - WTP in 6 x 40’ containers

    This customer needed to upgrade the existing water treatment plant, but no free space at site was available. Also, the construction works on site was requested to be minimized. It was decided to order the equipment built inside 40’ containers. Site installation was reduced to the pipe system and the electrical wiring between the containers.
  • ID: 006300

    Make-up water for heat and power plant

    The combined heat and power plant in Randers has replaced their existing water treatment plant with new and modern equipment. Make-up water of best quality is produced, which ensures electricity and heating to competitive prices. 

  • ID: 002676

    Pharmaceutical double pass RO for dialysis application

    Demineralized water is being produced with a double pass reverse osmosis unit to ensure an end conductivity of less than 5 µS/cm. This pure water is being used to prepare the dialysate needed for hemodialysis. 

  • ID: 042438

    5.6 m3/h feed water for high-pressure boiler at CHP

    A frame-mounted water treatment solution from EUROWATER gives the customer a safety due to the fact that the plant is complete with all internal piping and wiring factory-built, and that the whole plant has been performance and pressure tested in our factory. In this case, the units were mounted on two hot-galvanized frames for easy transportation....