Custom products

RO plant with pipe system in acid-proof, stainless steel.

Whole solutions

Thoroughly prepared solutions are the basis for long life and optimum economy of the water treatment plant. In co-operation with our customers, we find the optimum solutions. We have great experience with custom-made solutions whether on the background of authorities, standards, customer demands, or because of the economy. This goes for example for container plants and frame-mounted plants. See more under Read more.

Environmental impact

In almost all industries, the environment and the minimizing of the electricity and water consumption are in focus.

EUROWATER also focuses on this and every day, we work on designing water treatment plants which can help minimize your daily environmental problems.  

Choice of material and component

We are aware that our standard program cannot meet all customers' needs. In many cases, the best solution is still a well-balanced and thoroughly considered compromise.

If the uncompromising solution is in demand, we will gladly work on designing new products and solutions.  

We have great experience with a wide range of steel, coatings, pipe types, instrumentation, control types, etc. In most cases, the solution is to combine already known materials and components. We prefer using well-tested components so that our customers are not exposed to tests.

Our department for construction and development is always up to date and knows the latest technological developments.

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