Two pressure filter type TFB from EUROWATER. Between the filters is a pre-assembled skid with PLC control cabinet as well as equipment for backwash and UV system.

Water treatment for a happy dairy customer

How can you tell if a customer is genuinely happy? In 2013 the Molvest dairy company in southwest Russia invested in a water treatment solution from EUROWATER for turning groundwater into high-quality process water. They were so satisfied with it that they recently ordered another solution just like it. The message was clear and simple: “The plant has been working well since we got it, we want an exact copy of the solution you supplied five years ago”.

What is customer satisfaction? One definition suggests that customer satisfaction is the fulfilment a customer derives from doing business with a supplier. In other words, it’s simply how happy the customer is with the transaction and the overall experience, before, during and after the purchase.
Applying this definition in real life, the dairy company Molvest must have been very satisfied and happy with the overall experience of their water treatment solution from EUROWATER supplied in 2013. Why? Because a true copy has just been shipped after five years of user experience.
Project management
In 2013, the first project was delivered to Molvest through Arla. Palle Jellesmark from DairyTech Denmark was employed by Arla as project manager to tie the threads together for the craftsmen, suppliers and authorities involved. DairyTech Denmark is working with consultancy and projecting within the food and dairy industry worldwide. In 2018 for the second project, Molvest contacted DairyTech Denmark directly and the message was clear: “We want a copy of the solution you supplied five years ago”. Six weeks after first contact all agreements were signed.
After manufacturing and pre-assembly at the SILHORKO-EUROWATER factory in Stilling, Denmark, a careful inspection was carried out, attended by all relevant parties; manufacturer, customer, installation company and supervisor.

“In 2013, as well as in 2018, the partnership with EUROWATER supplying water treatment plants has fully met the agreed objectives.” 

Palle Jellesmark, CEO at DairyTech Denmark

A comprehensive set of installation drawings were prepared, as a convenient way to ensure good communication between a manufacturer and a third party installation company. For the upcoming commissioning and start-up, EUROWATER will send a supervisor to the dairy in Russia to ensure that everything is done by the book. It will be the same technician as in 2013; he knows the equipment, the site, the installation company and the local operators – optimal conditions for success.

Inspection of plug-and-play frame-mounted unit with booster pumps and UV disinfection system.

Setting the right team
“In 2013, as well as in 2018, the partnership with EUROWATER supplying water treatment plants has fully met the agreed objectives,” says Palle Jellesmark, and continues:
“Molvest knows what to expect and also have high demands. Now, to ensure that the overall expectations are fulfilled, all parties involved in the project are committed to doing their very best; a group is only as strong as its weakest member. It is all about setting the right team.”
Process water for cheese production
The water treatment solution in 2013 as well as in 2018 consists of the following units:
  • Two pressure filters type TFB from EUROWATER with a connecting pipe system in stainless steel, including a skid with equipment for backwash, UV disinfection system type Wedeco Spektron, and PLC control cabinet.
  • A frame-mounted distribution unit with four Grundfos CRE pumps and a second UV unit. The skid also includes a PLC control cabinet for both systems.
The water source is groundwater. The water is filtered in the pressure filters for removing iron and manganese. The treated water is then collected in large steel vessels and the pumping unit supplies clean drinking water to the user points, as required. The pumping unit has a capacity of up to 180 m³/h and the process water is planned to be used for CIP in a new whey powder plant. The UV disinfection systems ensure a constant high protection against bacterial activity.
After production and pre-assembly, the water treatment solution and the documentation were inspected by all relevant parties; manufacturer, customer, installation company, and supervisor.

This article was published in Danish Dairy & Food Industry ... wordwide, 28th edition 

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