High-quality food production requires high-quality water treatment

The Danish dairy company Arla has recently taken a step closer to its ambition of becoming one of the leading producers of dairy products in Russia, specifically high-quality cheese products. Thanks to EUROWATER, Arla now has the necessary expertise in high-quality water treatment.

Reliable water treatment for new Arla dairy in Russia

For the first time Arla has established local production in Russia. More specifically in the city of Kalacheevsky in southwest Russia where Arla's Russian subsidiary together with the dairy company Molvest has converted an existing dairy in accordance with Danish standards. EUROWATER has supplied water treatment plants for many of Arla's Danish dairies, so it was natural to continue the cooperation in Russia where EUROWATER already has many years of experience in sales and service.


Mr. Palle Jellesmark of the consulting firm Dairy Tech Denmark was employed by Arla as project manager to tie the threads together for the craftsmen, suppliers and authorities involved. "The partnership with EUROWATER as supplier of water treatment plants has fully met the agreed objectives," says Palle Jellesmark. In connection with commissioning, EUROWATER also had a technician at the dairy in Russia to ensure that everything was done by the book.

Water treatment

In the dairy and the waterworks belonging to it, water treatment plants from EUROWATER were applied for the following purposes:

  • Process water for cheese production.
  • Technical water in connection with milk separation and pasteurization.
  • Water for CIP system (Cleaning In Place).
Foreground: Frame-mounted pumping unit with the UV disinfection system. Background: Two pressure filters with a connecting pipe system of stainless steel.
Foreground: Frame-mounted pumping unit with the UV disinfection system. Background: Two pressure filters with a connecting pipe system of stainless steel.


Water for cheese production

A waterworks owned by Molvest supplies the dairy with water. Among other substances, the water contains too much iron and manganese. Previously, the dairy used groundwater without treatment, but those days are gone. Now the water is filtered in two parallel pressure filters from EUROWATER - just as it is done in thousands of waterworks in Denmark. The treated water is collected in large stainless steel vessels and a pumping unit supplies clean drinking water to the user points as required. The plant has a production capacity of up to 180 m³/h and the water is primarily used as ingredient water for cheese production and as drinking water, secondarily for cleaning. Maintaining a constantly high cheese quality requires that the water has no bacterial activity, which is achieved with a UV disinfection system. The complete solution consisting of pressure filters, pumps, UV system, PLC control, electrical connections and connecting pipe system of stainless steel was pre-installed in the factory in Denmark. Then the plant was quality assured, including functional test and pressure test. Before dispatch, all connections were labelled and documented, so that the plant is ready for quick and safe installation in the dairy.

Reverse osmosis system in industrial design.
Reverse osmosis system in industrial design.

Cooling water for milk separation

In connection with milk separation and heat treatment it is important that the water is free of salts to avoid malfunctions and failures of technical equipment such as pumps and heat exchangers. To this end, a softening plant with subsequent reverse osmosis system was installed in the dairy, thereby removing 98 % of the salts in the water.

Compact reverse osmosis system with pre-treatment - ready for use.
Compact reverse osmosis system with pre-treatment - ready for use.


Water for CIP system

CIP cleaning of membrane systems in connection with whey production requires access to demineralized water of high quality. For this purpose, a compact unit was chosen comprising a reverse osmosis system with pre-treatment built on the same stainless steel frame, ready for use. The concept offers many advantages, including:

  • A complete and standardized solution that simplifies dimensioning and purchasing.
  • Frame assembly with all internal piping and electrical connections made in our factory to ensure quick and safe installation.
  • The entire system is pressure tested and function tested electrically before shipment.
  • Compact and space-saving design.

Taken together the solution from EUROWATER mean that the dairy will have a better product optimization and processing as well as an optimized use of resources in terms of water and electricity. The water treatment solutions therefore contribute positively to the dairy`s total operating costs and competitiveness.  

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