Water on the agenda

The 22nd March is international World Water Day and the Sustainable Development Goal 6 states clear; Clean water and sanitation for all by 2030.

At EUROWATER water is on the agenda every day and we constantly seek to make water treatment solutions that requires least possible consumption of resources with minimum environmental impact.

Less than one percent of the water supply on earth can be used as drinking water, which affects communities, businesses and industries. This fact makes it crucial that we develop technologies to reduce water consumption and re-use the water.  

Water waste reduced by 75 %

Arla, the largest food company within dairy products in Denmark, has reduced their water waste by more than 75 % with water treatment technology from EUROWATER. Demineralised water is used as makeup water for steam boiler, laboratory use, and internal cooling on filling machine. The amount of water recovery also reduces their consumption of salt and energy and lower the operational cost.  

Read more about the water saving at the Arla Dairy.

95,000 m³ water is treated every year at this Arla dairy production.
95,000 m³ water is treated every year at this Arla dairy production.

We treat water

Water is not just water. The water quality and how the water quality is produced are of great importance to achieve a sustainable production.

EUROWATER have more than 80 years of experience in water treatment and we are on a mission to provide businesses and industries water treatment solutions that supply the desired water quality and quantity while at the same time reducing the water consumption.

Contact your local EUROWATER office and let us guide you to a sustainable water treatment solution.

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